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30 Day VIXX Challenge
Here's another 3. Let's get this under way!! Wahooo!!
22) Which VIXX dance is your favorite? Voodoo Doll was my favorite dance. It looks really fun X3
23) Rank your favorite VIXX outfits! The order of the pictures is how I rank them. The Rock Ur Body era outfits I loved. I know it kinda makes them look like boyscouts, but to me it makes them look "fresh". Where as the outfits that they wore during the On and On era, I really didn't care much for. They just looked all gaudy and stuff.
24) What's your favorite fandom joke? I don't personally know any fandom jokes, but if you guys know any feel free to share ^^
That's all that I have for now. Until next, I'll see you guys later ^^