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Ikon Screenshot Story Results : Roles Reversed Part 5
All right! Hope everyone is enjoying the screenshot game! I have been trying to figure out how to link them to make it easier but no luck. If anyone knows how to do it using a phone please inbox me! It would help so much! Let's get this started.
Okay so I just realized I didn't choose a stage name and all that.... So my stage name will be Miira. Don't ask me why but I just really like it and I actually am making a character for it too. ^^ Teaseboy- Chanwoo ((In case you forgot or skipped the Smut ;) ))
(1. Bobby) Thank you. I got hungry after.... you guys left. (2. Junhoe) Like I was telling Bobby.... (3. Jinhwan) Perfect! He seems to genuinely care. (To Junhoe) Yes I am thank you for asking.
(3. Jinhwan ) Woah! Who would have thought that he would say that to Chanwoo. To be Continued.....
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