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Pokemon-themed lingerie has been a thing made by weird etsy shops, cosplayers, and superfans since forever, but never actually been licensed products. Until now, apparently.
Japanese pop culture hub kai-you posted an article detailing new Pokemon-themed clothes coming from Yummy Mart, a subsidiary/spin-off of Japanese lingerie maker Peach John.
According to that article, the lingerie was made as promotional material to announce the new Pokemon campaign they're running. So you can't actually buy this set, which is kind of a bummer I guess, but also it makes sense. That "lingerie" is cool, but doesn't really look like something you'd wear casually, and also really not a theme I personally need included in the lingerie time I'm a participant of.
Would you wear this? I mean, maybe for the sake of a selfie, I guess. I'm a big ol dude so it's not my bag, but any of the ladies, would you?
Thankfully it seems like there are also actual products coming for sale for this campaign, including a pika-poncho and a pika-panty. Those probably aren't the real names of these products, but they are 100% the only way I will refer to them.
This! This is something that makes sense to me. I do fucking LOVE Pokemon, but I can't imagine why I'd want to have Pikachus on panties or as panties. It's cute for 10 minutes and then it's like... how do I wash these Pikachus?
These shorts and cutoff tees capture a good balance of nerd pop culture pandering and chic easy style. If I had the ability to wear clothes like these in a way that made any sense, I'd totally do it.
But I'll pass on the lingerie.
The last pic? yea the pants ^ - ^ problem?!
I don't know about the lingerie. I like Pokemon a lot big idk
@inuyashagal right? like, there's enjoyment of pokemon, then there's just too much
I'd think a girl was cool for wearing it, not sexy though
this is not attractive to me
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