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Waking up with him next to you is better than any dream could ever be. Reality is beginning to dawn with hope that even the most impossible of dreams; may actually be possible.
You lean up on your arm to just stare at him. The way his hair is all tousled, the slight smile on his face while he sleeps; his toned and fit body that you now know so well. As you reach out to trail your fingers down his chest you still can’t help but wonder. He gave you reasons last night, none that dealt with physical appearance. You can understand the love of the heart, mind, and spirit; can all those really surpass an aging body when it’s being loved by a more fit; younger, energetic one?
A hand reaches up and pushes the hair out of your face.
“What are you thinking about?”
You look over in surprise, “I’m sorry, did I wake you?”
He smiles, “Not really. I was just laying here enjoying being appraised but then your expression changed. Why?”
You shrug and pinch his nipple, “You’ve been awake! You little sneak.”
He leans up and grabs your face so you have to look him in the eyes.
“Don’t change the subject. We have to tell each other our thoughts if this is going to work.”
He fingers your necklace, “I want this to work. Do you?”
He looks so vulnerable. Damn your low self-esteem thoughts and inhibitions that are making him doubt himself.
You slide your hand up behind his head and bring him down to you.
“Yes, I want this to work. Forgive me? I don’t doubt you; I doubt that I’m what's best for you.”
“That’s for me to decide.”
He taps your forehead, “Tell it to shut up. Better yet, let’s distract it.”
Practice is later in the day due to a few members having a schedule conflict. You leave him at a café where he’s meeting his friend for lunch.
“I’ll see you at practice,” he says before he leans over to kiss you goodbye. You head off to your normal work practice, the smile on your face impossible to wipe off.
Only half the guys are there when you arrive. You get them started on warm up while they chat and wait for the others. The back-up dancers aren’t available today; you decide to run them through their original number and just a few spots on the new one.
Being later in the day, the practice room is much hotter than usual. A few large fans have been brought i; most of the guys have already stripped down to tanks. During break you can’t stand it anymore and strip down to your tank also. Your over shirt had hidden your new necklace; honestly you’d forgotten that you even had it on. As you go to put your hair up, the light catches it.
“Noona, are you wearing jewelry?”
“Is it new?”
Since being physical is your job, they are right; you normally do not wear any jewelry to practice. You reach down and finger it,
“Oh. Yeah, I just got it yesterday, totally forgot I had it on.”
Those that noticed wander over to look closer,
“A dream is a wish your heart makes. Like from Disney? Sleeping Beauty?”
You laugh, “Actually I believe it’s from Cinderella.”
“So, you just like Disney or was it a gift?”
You blush, “It was a gift.”
Cat calls ensue, “Noona, you have a boyfriend!?!?!”
“Who is this guy? No one is good enough for our Noona! Bring him to us; we will evaluate him for you.”
[HN] and another member who had left the room briefly have now returned. They wander over to find out what all the commotion is.
“What’s going on? Are you feeling sick again noona?”
You shake your head in embarrassment as another pipes up,
“[HN]noona has a boyfriend!”
“Yes, do you see the gift he gave her? We are telling her no one is good enough for her.”
[HN] comes over and lifts up your necklace,
“Very nice. What are his intentions?”
His friend looks over,
“Let the woman have her fun! Hasn’t she waited long enough for some man to notice her?”
Ow, WOW that stung a little more than you hope he intended it to. He takes the necklace out of [HN]’s hand to look at but instantly drops it. He looks directly up into your eyes,
“This is what he gave you?”
He turns directly to [HN] with an unbelievable look on his face.
“Are you serious?”
[HN] simply stares down his friend, an unspoken message between them to drop it at the moment.
You try to mask the fear that has suddenly taken up space in your heart. You look between the two members; [HN]’s posture is defensive and direct; the other’s is antagonistic and disbelieving.
“Dude, you’re sick.”
oh no, he's playing her, wait, I mean me, I mean... I don't even know what I mean lol
어떻게!?! He knows!!!? ya!!! *dies* I hope I'm as good an actor as My Loverboy... were they outside discussing us!? he likes me too!? okay this is JinYoung and GOT7 for me and this part kinda screams JB jealousy.. but it could be any of the other members.. I really died a little. I mean in the same read I was on Cloud9 now in the clutches of a terrifying reality... must everyone find out!? and like this!!!? this is a nightmare.. wake up Elisha, wake up!
uh oh. doesnt sound good. and sick seems like a harsh word. boo on his friend.
Wow! I can't waaaaaaait for the next chapteeeeeeerrrrr!!!!
I sense some hostility
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