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Alright, so I think a good "starter" anime would totally depend on the genre the person who you're showing it to enjoys watching. Like if they hate romances you're obviously not going to show them My Little Monster right off the bat - which is indeed a good romance to start off with, my friend and I got like 5 girls from school hooked on anime from that lol - but instead a genre they're more interested in watching which could be anything.Cause like what if they're only into crime? There's plenty from that genre to get into.
- Avatar The Last Air Bender Yes! It is indeed anime! I've heard too many people say it's a cartoon which it's not! This show is literally one of the best in my opinion. The character development is good and just every episode is interesting. There's a lot of humor and there's intense moments and it's just a very well crafted show. I love it! My parents, my niece and nethu, my brother, we all love watching this together. Show number 2 - Fairytail Okay so for people just starting out and are okay with almost all genres mixed into one this is definetely a treat! Unnatural hair colors, perfect body images, interesting but cute clothes, and giant boobs lol this is a good one to get adjusted to all of that with. And by no means am I trying to put this show down - believe me this show is far more than that. That stuff is just very exaggerated within the anime. But the plot is wonderful and the character development was very well played out. There's tons of humor, you're going to shed some tears here and there, there's intense moments, all in all this show to me is literally a treat to watch. Each episode was worth 24 minutes of my life. Also, all the openings and endings are awesome so if you haven't seen it yet just a heads up - listen to them at least 3 times. I say that because sometimes listening to them at first they don't sound all that great, the second time it gets better, but usually by the third time I usually find myself listening to them on youtube over and over.
@Fromtheheart Too many trolls, not enough bridges.
@Priscillasdoor Too far gone? Look I'm not on here to argue with people and honestly I don't even want to argue with you so I really don't want to escalate this but The comment "now you're starting to mistake any detailed cartoon for anime" just doesn't sit well with me. I personally believe that it's anime which is totally okay. Just my opinion. Other people think it's a cartoon - okay not a big deal. But what backups your comment that I'm too far gone in the anime world? What backs up me starting to mistake any cartoon? According to your belief that it's a cartoon I've mistaken one, but not any others. I don't even believe that I've mistaken it. And yes I do know that it aired on Nickelodeon I was just making a comment about another persons comment and I didn't explain it all which was stupid of me. Like I said I'm not on here to argue and I'm not commenting about it anymore. This is a fun challenge and a great way to get involved in the community and I've had a fun time.
@Priscillasdoor If you want to split hairs, then any "cartoon" would be called anime in katakana because that is the Japanese expression of an animated show. Yes ATLAB is American made but is heavily influenced by anime. It is the perfect starter since it gives a great segway from American style entertainment to the anime world. Not only that, the creators did their homework on eastern culture and martial arts to make everything accurate as far as a fantasy show goes. We are not here on Vingle to bust people's balls, but to be encouraging of this hobby we all share. I hope you take this opportunity to reflect opon yourself and ask why you have a "gotcha" kind of attitude. Think about it.
awesome picks! but I have to disagree with Avatar not being a cartoon. it certainly is a cartoon. it has some anime influences, but it's still an american-made animation. and technically anime is also cartoons, just japanese animated cartoons
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