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The pollinating just doesn't have the same feeling that it used to, huh, bees?

I don't know, I don't know. Does this joke even work? Probably not. I just saw this picture of bees looking kind of worn out and down about frolicking in flowers and it strikes me as super funny because yeah, it's cartoon bees just kinda hanging out, but it also feels to me like this is exactly what we ll are, just kind of resigned to whatever it is we do, milling about and just going along with the monotony of our constant existence. We could looks at bees and think 'hey, they have it so much better. they're free.' When in reality they're living the same mundane, shitty life we all are, only theirs has more fucking pollen.
@paulisadroid I like the way you think.
You can never get bored of driving a Ford (trademark pending)
Are you having an existential crisis?