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Hey HEY hey, Here is Chapter 24 Y'all! Her Social Media: Her Tumblr: slayyoongi Kpop Amino: yougotnojamz Vingle Name:@yougotnojamz WattPad: slayyoongi *NOTE* This story is not mine! Simply sharing. I did get permission from the Author Character Profiles: Link➡


Link----› ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Genre: Mafia AU Pairing: Reader x Jungkook Others Characters in Chapter: Jungkook, Jimin Length: 3796 words Warning: Swearing, Violence, Intimacy Summary: The love of your life wasn’t who he claimed to be Part: 24/? I let out a stifled sob. This was my ultimate punishment. “Yoongi”, I breathed. “Mmm”, he seemed content. “You always did sound good saying my name.” “I’m sorry”, I whispered. He opened his eyes, to look at me. His gaze wasn’t cold for once. In fact, rather the opposite. A single tear rolled down his cheek, and his next words broke me. “I…love you.” I fired. NB- I apologise in advance guys, this chapter wasn’t very well written, I know…I’ll try to bring it all together in Part 25!
Y/n’s POV I fell down to my knees, gasping for breath. Jungkook didn’t seem to notice as he muttered something about “Calling Jin”. He was looking through Hoseok’s pockets, probably looking for his phone. I was panting. The air suddenly seemed thicker. Jimin shifted next to me but said nothing. “I…killed him. Jimin… I-i” I broke down. I was unable to look at what I’d done, so I didn’t. “Shh”, he bent down, rubbing my back. I’m going to throw up. And true to form… Jimin held my hair back as I emptied the practically non-existent contents of my stomach. “I’m sorry”, I whispered. I didn’t know whether I was apologising for killing his friend, or for throwing up in front of him. Jungkook must have found Hoseok’s phone, because his angry rambling had become the room’s background noise. Can he not see how much this has affected me? “Why the fuck is the reception in here so shit?”, he grumbled. Me and Jimin just stared at him. He headed towards the door. “You.”, he pointed to Jimin. “Stay here. And don’t try anything. Or you’re next.” I was hoping after Jimin helped us, Jungkook would realise he’s not the enemy, but clearly not. We watched at Jungkook left the room, still filling Jin in on what he had missed. “Y/n…”, Jimin looked at me cautiously. I must have looked a right mess, judging by the expression on his face. “I killed him”, I simply whispered.  “Y/n stop it. Look at him”, Jimin ordered. I looked at him like he was crazy. “What?”, I asked through gritted teeth. “No-” Jimin leaned in and whispered. “Look at him y/n.” And so I did. There he was, lying deathly still, an ethereal being. His ruffled mint hair was all over the place. But then I noticed his hands, which I had assumed to be lifeless. Did his fingers just twitch?… NO y/n, you’re just seeing what you want to see. “Look at his clothes y/n.” I shuffled closer to him, still on my knees. My hands softly ghosted over his chest and stomach, moving his jacket to get a better view of the clothing underneath. I paled. “No blood…”, I whispered. I looked at Yoongi’s face, noticing the slightest of smirks playing on his lips.I pulled my hand away in an instant.  I stood up an looked accusingly at Jimin. “You planned this whole thing? What the fuck was the point of that?”, I hissed, fully aware that Jungkook was outside. I wondered why the hell he wasn’t getting up, now that I knew he wasn’t dead. “Why the hell did you put me through that?”, I was glaring at Jimin, not even wanting to look at Yoongi. Jimin snorted. “Do you really think he would be stupid enough to just walk into a room where the two of you are armed?” He laughed. “You thought you could take a Mafia boss, just like that?” “He let Hoseok do it”, I replied bluntly.  “Hoseok was stupid for not listening.” Jimin ran a hand through his orange hair. He was still crouched next to Yoongi who was lying there still.He’s taking the piss now. “Jimin why the hell are you helping him when he just strangled you and punched you?” Jimin shrugged and looked at me like I was the stupid one. “He’s my boss y/n,”  I let out a cry of frustration, and without thinking, attempted to kick him, But he opened his eyes and caught my leg, causing me to fall on top of him. “You. Fucking. Bastard”, I gasped, hitting his chest with each word. His eyes twinkled in amusement. Does he think this is funny? “That was your fucked up, twisted way of punishing me?” I hastily got up off him, just in case Jungkook came back in.  Yoongi spoke quietly. “I wanted to see if you had it in you.” He smiled. “I don’t know whether to be happy that I didn’t kill you, or actually kill you from pulling that fucked up little stunt.” I growled. He laughed in response. I was seeing red. How fucking dare he? My jaw clenched at the sound of his laughter, and in the heat of the moment, I tried to punch him. To my surprise, I succeeded. He sat up slowly, completely in shock. I looked at Jimin, who was mirroring Yoongi’s expression, and instantly regretted it. I froze at the sound of Jungkook’s shrill voice coming from outside. “What the fuck do you mean, kill her!?”
Yoongi’s POV He was angry at y/n, no doubt about it, so he planned this whole thing out. Hoseok getting into an argument, punching him and storming off, wasn’t something Yoongi was expecting. But then again, Hoseok had paid the price for not listening. Him and Jimin had discussed the plan when they left base. He had even punched Jimin a couple of times to make the whole thing seem real. He remembered the way y/n had kissed him in front of Jungkook. She was acting like she didn’t want it, because it was in fact her who deepened the kiss, not him.  When he looked into her eyes and saw the pure unadulterated fear that lay within, he forgave her.  They should me give a damn Oscar, he thought as he teared up in front of them all. He never cried- he thought it was weak. He was actually impressed when she pulled the trigger. She must have come to the conclusion that I’m too dangerous to live. The way Jungkook had acted like a total douche, not helping y/n when she needed him, only made the boy look worse in her eyes. Y/n looked so distraught at the thought of shooting him, that he couldn’t help but laugh. About a metre away from them was a small pool of whatever the hell she had eaten in the van hours ago. That made it funnier for him, as he killed on a daily basis. It was second nature. She hadn’t even killed anyone yet. And she was a complete wreck So it was a surprise when she punched him, quite hard, Jimin stopped breathing as he watched Yoongi carefully. Y/n’s hard glare instantly melted into a look of regret and despair. This whole…situation is changing her. We’ve changed her. But Yoongi thought it was a change for the better. He got up to grab her, to ask her what the fuck she thought she was doing, when they all heard Jungkook’s angry voice. “What the fuck do you mean, kill her!?”  Y/n gasped. “After all this, Jin wants me dead?” Jimin nodded gravely. “Yes. You know too much. He can’t risk you staying alive.” She grimaced. “I knew I shouldn’t have helped that bastard. I know he’s a leader, but you don’t see Yoongi trying to kill m-” She stopped mid sentence, and that’s when Yoongi realised she was mocking him.  He looked away from her and focused on something behind her. Hoseok’s body. He winced as he shifted his leg. Jungkook hadn’t broke it, but it still hurt like hell. “Oh wait, never mind”, she muttered, shooting him a glare. Yoongi breathed slowly to keep calm. He didn’t think he’d been that harsh on her. She was asking for everything she got. Well maybe the shooting prank had been a little…much. Jimin had certainly thought so, but he had still begrudgingly gone alone with it.  “Jungkook won’t…he’ll hide me. H-he’ll tell me to run. He won’t kill me.” Jimin and Yoongi exchanged glances. She sounded unsure of her words.  “What?” She snapped. “Nothing”, Jimin mumbled. She narrowed her eyes at the two of them. “You think he would, don’t you?”, she asked almost accusingly.  “Yes he fucking would”, Yoongi growled. “Jin is always going to be prioritised before you. Not to mention the bastards mentally and emotionally unstable.” She just snorted in response. He suddenly lifted his shirt, and removed what looked like some black padding, secured with velcro. “Put it on”, he ordered, handing it to y/n. “Hurry up y/n”, Jimin chimed in. “Jungkook thinks he’s dead, so he doesn’t need it.” “Do you have one on?”, she whispered to Jimin. He nodded. The sudden fear in her eyes told Yoongi she was doubting Jungkook’s loyalty to her. “Why didn’t Hoseok have one?”, she whispered suspiciously. She still took the protective material from Yoongi as she asked the question. “Well if he hadn’t stormed out like he did, he would have had one on too”, Yoongi replied, no hint of emotion in his voice. He could see she was struggling with the strap, but wanted her to ask for help. When she asked Jimin, he narrowed his eyes at her, pushing his hand away, and doing it up himself.  Her skin was hot. She’s ill. He smiled when he felt her shiver under his touch. He was about to continue speaking, but they could hear rapidly approaching footsteps. Y/n’s eyes widened, and Jimin grabbed Yoongi’s shoulder. “Lie down boss, he thinks you’re still dead.” Yoongi motioned for Jimin to get the gun Jungkook had left behind in his haste. The gun used to kill Hoseok.  The one y/n had used on him was now useless, seeing as it only had one bullet to begin with. He remembered handing that gun over to Jimin, with the instruction ‘Kill y/n’. The look of devastation on the boy’s face was pure gold. But Yoongi had messed around enough. He had to knuckle down, and get rid of the enemy. Taehyung had been dealt with already, thanks to Hoseok, but Jin and Jungkook still remained. And they happened to be the biggest threats.  With y/n on their side, they could take them down. If the time came, and y/n turned against him, she would also make it on the list. But for now, he would wait and see what she did. Especially now that she knew Jungkook had orders to kill her.
Jungkook’s POV “WHAT THE FUCK!” Jin screeched down the phone, once he knew what was happening.. Jungkook winced at the abrasiveness of the man’s voice. “i know boss”,Jungkook muttered. He didn’t know what else to say. He could hear Jin breathing deeply. “Do not even think about showing your face untill everyone there is dead. You hear me?” Jungkook nodded, clearly not understanding the instruction. “Yoongi’s dead. I’ll just deal with Jimin and me and y/n will co-” “No.” Jin cut him off, making Jungkook frown.What? Does he want Jimin alive? “What?” “When I said everyone I meant everyone. Kill her.” Jungkook blanched. “What the fuck do you mean, kill her!?” He yelled. “She is the main reason everything kicked off”, Jungkook could tell he was trying hard to stay calm. “Now you kill her or I will personally hand her over to the others.” Jimin froze.  ‘The others’ was what they called the group of savage, vicious, animalistic men. They were their own gang, but they occasionally caught Jin’s victims for him. The would rip y/n apart. “They will rape her and kill her”, Jungkook growled quietly. “Well that’s your choice”, Jin shrugged him off. “Leave her body there. I will personally come to the warehouse and check that you actually killed her.” “Jin”, Jungkook had dropped the ‘boss’ title in his anger. “I have been protecting her since she found out about me. I-i chose her over Minah for fuck’s sake. Don’y make me do this.” “You shot at her”, Jin curtly replied. “Just think of her fucking that son of a bitch Yoongi and shoot her please. My patience is wearing thin. And make sure to give Hoseok another bullet from me.” With that Jin ended the call. Motherfucker.  He entered the room, and y/n and Jimin instantly snapped their hands up to look at him.  He looked around for the gun he had left, but unsurprisingly, it wasn’t there. “Where is it?” he growled. Y/n slowly stood up to face him, whilst Jimin remained crouched next to Yoongi. “Where is what?”, she asked slowly. She’s being cautious. “The gun y/n”, he practically snarled. He had lost a friend, his boss wasn’t helping, and now y/n wanted to play games. She pointed to the gun on the floor next to her, which infuriated Jungkook even more. “No, not the one with one godamn bullet in it. The other one.” She stared at him. He recognised that facial expression. It was the same way she had looked at him before, when he had her at gunpoint. “Why do you need a gun?”, she whispered. The way she spoke told him she already knew the answer.
Y/n’s POV He faltered at my question,and that’s when I knew Yoongi had been right. Sneaky, lying , manipulative Yoongi had been right about Jungkook ultimately wanting to kill me. But Yoongi had the gun on his person. Why did he take the gun? We’re all protected. Then it hit me. He wants me to see Jungkook get angry. He wants me to see him with no strings attached. I gulped. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to find this experience pleasant. I glanced over to Jimin to find that he had stood up as well. He was looking at me worriedly.  In that one moment I had looked away from him, Jungkook had strode forward and grabbed my arm. I whirled around to face him, half expecting him to get physically violent. He faltered at my poker face, probably wondering why I wasn’t surprised, before shaking me violently. “I will ask nicely one more time. Where is it?” I tried to push him away, but he grabbed my shirt and pulled me closer to him. My eyes widened in a mixture of surprise and fear. I didn’t want him seeing the black bulletproof covering I was wearing underneath. “What the fuck are you dong?”, Jimin asked. “Let her go.” “Fuck off”, Jungkook snapped. “If you have the gun, hand it over and I’ll let her go.” I stared at him. “You’re bargaining me for a gun?” When he didn’t say anything, I felt that anger rise within me. The same wave of anger that had prompted me to punch Yoongi.  My arms had limited movement, and my legs were still stiff from crouching, so I headbutted him. I was short, but he was slightly bending down, so I caught his jaw. He let go of me instantly, his hands flying to his face, as he recoiled from the impact. He was staring at me, shocked. My face was registering even more shock. I can’t believe I just did that to Jungkook. He suddenly looked pissed off. In my peripheral vision, Jimin shifted around uneasily. “J-jungkook”, I gasped. “I’m sorry I-i didn’t mean to hur-” He snarled “Shut up”, and stepped forward once again to grab my throat. As his grip tightened, I squirmed, trying to get away, to get more air in my lungs.” “Stop!”, Jimin was yelling. He made a move towards us, and Jungkook put a hand out, as if to say ‘stop’. “One more fucking step and I’ll snap her neck.” WHAT?! “What the fuck you psycho! That’s your girlfriend!” Jungkook’s darkened, murderous eyes told me he wasn’t listening to Jimin anymore. “Do….something!”, I choked out. I was talking to both Jimin and Yoongi, but Yoongi seemed content on just lying there and watching me fucking die. “You are nothing but trouble y/n”, he spoke dangerously. My vision was starting to go hazy. “Jungkook”, I gasped. I was weakly clawing at his hands, as an attempt to pry them off me. “I thought I was in love with you, can you believe”, he scoffed. His smile soon disappeared when I replied with. “T-that’s Jin talking…not you!” He leaned in close and whispered. “No. That’s entirely me. You’re nothing but that dead bastard’s fuck buddy. He’s waiting for you in hell.” Oh my god. I thought Yoongi was the mad one. My thoughts turned to the padding I had underneath my clothes. What the fuck is the point of bulletproof protection if he’s going to strangle me to death? I suddenly had an idea to get out of this mess.Pretend to faint y/n. His focus will be on Jimin and you can get him from behind. And that’s exactly what I did. Jungkook waited until my eyes rolled at the back of my head until he loosened his grip. And then he let go completely, watching me fall to the ground. Ow. “Y/n!”, I heard Jimin yell. Don’t worry Orange, I’m OK. Ish. I very slightly opened my eyes to find Jungkook’s back to me. Perfect. “You bastards ruined everything”, Jungkook hissed, as he approached Jimin. I silently sat up to watch the scene unfold in front of me. So this is really who Jeon Jungkook is. “You killed Taehyung. You were the reason I killed my girl.” I almost screamed at that. He knew I wasn’t dead, so he must have been referring to Minah as ‘My girl’. My heart dropped. “You are the reason y/n has to die.” ‘Has to?’ What the fuck did Jin say to him? Jimin could see I was awake, but nonetheless he nervously backed away. I didn’t blame him- an angry Jungkook was a scary Jungkook.  Life-threatening, in fact. I slowly stood up, my eyes flitting to Yoongi. My face curled up in annoyance. YOU were no help whatsoever. I could feel new bruises forming on my neck, as well as the one’s Taehyung had made yesterday. I didn’t know what to do, as I was unarmed and Jungkook was much stronger than me. Then I saw it. The gun Jimin had been ordered to kill Jungkook with. It was partially hidden by Hoseok’s body, so I hadn’t seen it straight away. I silently moved towards in, successfully retrieved it, and moved back. Boy, Jungkook’s sure focused when he’s angry. He hadn’t heard a thing. He raised his fist to punch Jimin, and I cleared my throat, making him turn around. He hummed, almost in approval, which wasn’t what I expected.  “Of course you would put up a fight. But why do you have to be so difficult babe?” He stepped towards me, and I held my ground.  “Don’t call me that.” He laughed. “Why not? I can call my girlfriend that, can’t I?” “What girlfriend? Because all I see in front me is a single psychotic son of a bitch who just told a girl to go to hell.” He took another step forward, cracking his knuckles aggressively.  Finally, I saw Yoongi move behind him, agonisingly slowly. Jimin gave him a hand. Then the two mean were stood behind an unaware Jungkook, while he faced me. “You won’t kill me y/n. You don’t have it in you. You’re weak”, he sneered. “Why don’t I have it in me? I shot Yoongi.” “You love me.” I was sick of hearing that from Jungkook’s mouth.  I shook my head. “No. How can I? You’re not the Jungkook I thought you were. You’ve been keeping up a façade since I met you. The minute you get orders to kill me, you do it.” I swallowed, which reminded me of the pain he had inflicted on me. “You’re crazy, Jeon Jungkook”, I whispered.  His laugh shook me at the very core. “Says the girl who decided to buddy up with her boyfriends enemy”, his eyes glinted dangerously, and I instantly knew what was coming. “And then fuck him.” Yoongi looked like he wanted to throttle Jungkook, but stayed silent. Why are those two just stood there? What are they waiting for? “What the fuck did Jin say to you?”, I demanded. “Keep him out of this. He’s nothing to do with anything.” I rolled my eyes.  “The reason you’ve slipped up so many times in your mission is me. The reason you killed the big man’s daughter was me. The reason Taehyung is dead? Me. I know Jin said all that to you.” “He wasn’t lying”, Jungkook muttered bitterly. I took in what he did before I spat “Fuck you.” There was silence as he stared at me maliciously, and I kept it up, just as cold and unattached. If I had actually killed Yoongi, me and Jimin would be dead by now. Well maybe not Jimin, but definitely me. “Jungkook. I’m going to give you five seconds to explain what the fuck is happening with you, or else…” “Or else what?”, he countered. He wanted me to challenge him. It was strange. The boy I loved hated me, yet I couldn’t bring myself to hate him back. But I was tired of his games. “Or else you’ll regret it.” He grinned, like I had told him a joke.  I ignored him. “You just killed Hosoek for being a traitor, yet you did exactly the same damn thing. Hypocrite.” “And what did I do exactly?” He wasn’t backing out. “You vow to protect me, and the minute that fucking ‘boss’ of yours orders me dead, you try to kill me.” I raised the gun abruptly. He furrowed his brow. Not in concern or confusion, but annoyance. What if he’s wearing bulletproof protection too? I didn’t want to be the one to test that theory.
Jin’s POV He got to the warehouse as quick as possible, still fuming from the phone call. Hobi…a traitor?  Jin had trusted him with everything. And he had stabbed them in the back. Literally, as was the case with Taehyung. But he was dead now. And Jin’s man focus was y/n and Jimin. He was so angry for listening to Hoseok earlier. If he had gone with them, Taehyung might have still been alive. He burst in, trying to hear any noise. It was eerily quiet until he heard Jungkook’s laugh. They’re downstairs! He ran down and tried to listen into what was happening? Jin assumed Jimin was dead, and Jungkook had left y/n till last. They were probably having a final conversation. Saying goodbye and all that shit. “And what did I do exactly?” he heard Jungkook challenge someone. “You vow to protect me, and the minute that fucking ‘boss’ of yours orders me dead, you try to kill me.” Jin narrowed his eyes in annoyance. That y/n was asking to get killed. He burst in to the room only to be thrown off at the sight before him. Y/n had him at gunpoint, but what was more shocking was the two men stood behind Jungkook. Specifically, Yoongi. The last words Jin remembered saying were “I thought you were dead?!” To Be Continued....

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