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Look at this guy...

Can He get any More Gorgeous?

Look at those Abs!

This is Our Visual Ahn Jae Hyo (Jaehyo)

well, I have Introduced you to all 7 of these amazing, Talented and Hot Members of Block-B, and when you put all the members of Block-B together, You get something like this...

Welcome, New BBCs! Congratulations, You're Officially One of Us. I hope you enjoy your stay because you can never leave. :)

Who's Your Block-B Bias? I'd love to know. you can let me know in the comments. :)

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@LemonLassie I know. What really blew my mind was when I found out that Taewoon from Co-Ed school is his older brother. I was already listening to them for a while, and I already picked him as my bias before I found out that he was Zico's Brother.
@SarangRavi haha and he was part of Speed! I didnt know that! But the two together sealed the deal
Zico, I fell for him and seeing him in Celebrity bromance made me fall for him even more
Zico is my bias 馃槏