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BamBam held the door open for Janae, “Welcome home, Janae”, he whispered just loud enough for her to hear. Janae looked at BamBam surprised by the phrase and he gave her a big smile, “This is your home now, Janae, I’ll always be here to welcome you to it.” BamBam was thankful to the darkness at that moment as he blushed.
“I’m home.” Janae whispered back, returning his smile. BamBam had the urge to kiss her, the mood was perfect. The air was thick as they stood just inside the door. BamBam let the door go slightly kicking it, causing it to close with a slam. The sound shocked him and Janae and BamBam grabbed her hand and led her to his room, afraid someone might have heard. Inside BamBam’s room, BamBam softly shut his door and let out a sigh of relief. “U-um BamBam…” Janae looked down at their hands blushing wildly.
“OH!” BamBam quickly let go of Janae’s hand, wishing she never had said anything. “You can sleep in here so no one will bother you. I’ll sleep on the couch.” With that BamBam abruptly left Janae to sleep downstairs.
In the morning Janae awoke not recognising her surroundings. As she looked around the memories of the night before came back. She laughed as she remembered BamBam’s actions that night but shivered when she remembered how she cried in front of him. Janae was too busy running through the events of the night before to notice the bedroom door had opened. “BamBam! You’re going to be late-” the voice stopped mid sentence seeing Janae sitting in the middle of BamBam’s bed.
“JB!” Janae pulled the covers up, covering her fully clothed body.
Hope you enjoy this chapter's sneak peak!! I am working to get this finished and updated ASAP. Sorry for the delays. For now I hope this will keep you satisfied. See you next chapter!
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