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Alright! So I have two characters that I think so deserve their own side story or spin-off. @Invinsybll
Okay remember Naruto The Last? Every time I think of it I think of how effing unfair it is that Sasusaku don't have their own little movie. I mean sure theres Naruto Gaiden where you get to see 'a little bit of how' but that just infuriated me. However, Sakuras Story, which will be released on May 3 apparently is going to ease some of that confusion. So who knows. But this card isn't for them no - that was merely an example of my furiosness for Naruto characters not getting their own movie. Who knows what ll happen in the future though. I know there's books coming out but that's just not the same as watching it. The two people who I think should get their own are the two characters who probably got the least screen time in the entire franchise.
And that would be Choji and Ten Ten. Like honestly how the hell did he end up wih that orange-redish-haired b**ch who's name I never cared to learn? Like just whhhy? I mean I'm glad they have Chouchou because she's pretty awesome, I mean her telling Sasuke to give Sarada potato chips to mend their relationship couldn't have been funnier like woo-hoo to her for those awesome what the absolute f**k moments.
Then there's Ten Ten! Who did she marry? Did she even marry? Does she have kids? Why the same outfit?
Now that I think about Shino should get some more screen time too! Kind of forgot about his existence lol I doubt they'd do anything for him though
Shikimaru!! I'm so excited to be reading his story and I think he would def deserve a spinoff of the novel itself!! My 2nd fav character!!
Because choji loves to eat.... And a sista can COOK!
I was a little curious about what happened with some of the characters 2. There's just not enough focus on most of the characters. I hope they tell more about that in the future. I think the reason they don't tell much about Choji & TenTen is bc they're not very popular or something.
@Sharia It's not for sure yet.
I thought ten ten got with Lee? 馃槙