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You had aways been a bit on the stubborn and independent side. If you ever needed something you went for it with the help of no one. The few times you trusted people they let you down so you learn to not expect much from anyone. Of course you had an Achilles heel... Cute boys. You always turn red, stammer and choked on your words. So it was no surprise that you had always been single. One day you found a video about Kpop by accident in your Facebook and gave it a chance. You were hooked fast everything was so cute and perfect! Even when your shift ended horribly they found a way to make your day better. However you were very new to the Kpop world and didn't know much about it and its amazing people. So now let's go to the present and how ignorance, the internet and creepy people got you into a ton of trouble. ------------------------------------------ You kicked your shoes off as soon as you got home. And let yourself sink to the ground in front on your door. " it's not worth it," you say as you feel your feet and head about to explode. All day long people had been getting attitudes with you. You smiled, apologies and try your best to make things better. However you just wanted to punch someone. "Right now the only thing that can make me feel better is a hot bath and some Kpop." And with that you pull yourself up and went inside to relax. As you were getting ready for a bath someone rings your doorbell. You look at the towel and bubbles sadly " I'll be back babies." You walk backward from your room upset and piss that some one interrupter you relaxation time. When you got to the door there was an old man looking at you really hard. In his hands he held a small wooden box. "Can I help you with something sir?" You ask the old man and keep one hand at the door. He lean in near you and whisper" yeah, do you want to trade me some of your time for a fun trick?" You looked at him like he was out of his mind. What in the world is wrong with this creep? You walked a little back inside your room and said" no thanks, I was actually doing something I have to go back in now. " As you stared to close the door he reached for you and yelled " WAIT !!! Please you will not regret it I have a way of making all your dream come true if used wisely." As you looked closet the old man look tired and really worn out. You felt bad about thinking so bad he only wants to trade some off my time. "What do you exactly need from me."you asked out of curiosity. "If you could change how you are living now will you?" he asked you. You looked around at your small apartment, the stack of bills at the table and your swollen feet. Sure things were hard you were only 21 but it felt like the world was trying to eat you. "I kind of do..."you whisper "Great!!!!" He yelled back at you and gave you the small box " just wish kindly and with a pure heart and everything should be fine." With that he ran as fast as he could from your doorway. "Well that was something else." You mumble and went back inside and looked down at the box. Looking at it some more it had weird drawings running down its sides and a small lock at the center. You unlocked it and inside was a beautiful necklace. You picked it up and went to try it on in the mirror. It was so perfect and felt like it was made for you. You struggle your shoulders and decided to skip the bath and read some celebrity gossip before going to sleep. After changing into some pjs you jumped into bed and pulled up Koreaboo. The first thing that came up was about Kai and Krystal dating and all the articles that followed were hateful ones about Kai. " uhh how can people be so rude and jealous about someone that's not even their boyfriend?" You slam your phone down. "This is not helping me sleep." You turn on your side" if I was Kai I would stand up to everyone and tell them to chill and stop creeping on me. Wait, ... what if SM really planned this to make EXO bigger news?Uhh he probably let's them do anything with him as long as he gets paid. I wish I could really find the true story and not some made believe crap SM and Koreaboo feeds me!" You started to slowly fall asleep and mumble "I guess that's the price of fame.." And with that you drifted into sleep just thinking about how you had to work a double at the restaurant tomorrow. You open your eyes slowly feeling like you were about to puke. The light hit your eyes hard and the first thought in your mind was "I AM LATE !!!!" You were supposed to be at the restaurant by 5 in the morning it was this late in the day. But as you try to get up you felt your stomach turn. "Uhhhhh my stomachhhhhh." You groan and grab you belly. But were surprise to see your hand so big and felt your abdomen so tone, hard and big. Your eyes got big in shock and you reach for your boobs. "Flat!!!!" You scream grabbing your chest. You hear laugher from behind you and turn around to see EXO there laughing at you. Someone taps your shoulder and you turn around to see Chanyeol there. Wow he looked like a giant in real life. He grab your head and patted it then smiled. "Chen you sure know how to make everyone laugh but," and he grab your chest "I think this is ummm an A cup. How about you guys?" You were so shock were where you? how did you get here? why is EXO here? Why did Chanyeol called you Chen ? And why has he not moved his hands yet? Hopefully I'll have a new chapter soon maybe by tomorrow after work. I hope y'all can look forward to it and support it even if there is millions of mistakes here and there.
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