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Have you ever wanted to play a game about bumbling teenagers who wake the dead and then probably, maybe suffer terrible consequences? You did? Well, Corpse Party is the game for you. Now, I don't think it's particularly scary but the ghost that lives inside of me (remember that whole thing when I was a ghost for a while) is excited.
We don't really get great representation in video games. But when it comes to teenagers messing about in an old house, we absolutely love that kind of press. I mean, when I was a ghost, one of my favorite things to do on Friday or Saturday nights was to visit all the abandoned mansions and look for teenagers to slaughter relentlessly.
There isn't much you can do as a ghost. Playing video games doesn't really make any sense and scaring the living daylights out of some dumb dumb teens is probably the closest thing we can get to having a sport.
All you humans have basketball, baseball, and even sportspuck to play or watch in your free time. All we have are the humans dumb enough to enter abandoned hospitals or mansions and scream out to us like we're not listening.
You know every action has a reaction, right? And unfortunately for some of you, like Christine Misty of New Brunswick, NJ end up as ghosts because you think it's cool to invite your boyfriend to our hangout spot and have sex with him while we're trying to rewatch all of Friends.
Also, Christine, now that we're colleagues -- you know, since we dismembered you and your boyf -- how do you like being a ghost? Is it all that you've hoped for? And are you and David doing well? Ghost marriage is a tricky thing and if you need anyone to talk to, I'm here.