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BamBam held the door open for Janae, “Welcome home, Janae”, he whispered just loud enough for her to hear. Janae looked at BamBam surprised by the phrase and he gave her a big smile, “This is your home now, Janae, I’ll always be here to welcome you to it.” BamBam was thankful to the darkness at that moment as he blushed.
“I’m home.” Janae whispered back, returning his smile. BamBam had the urge to kiss her, the mood was perfect. The air was thick as they stood just inside the door. BamBam let the door go slightly kicking it, causing it to close with a slam. The sound shocked him and Janae and BamBam grabbed her hand and led her to his room, afraid someone might have heard. Inside BamBam’s room, BamBam softly shut his door and let out a sigh of relief. “U-um BamBam…” Janae looked down at their hands blushing wildly.
“OH!” BamBam quickly let go of Janae’s hand, wishing she never had said anything. “You can sleep in here so no one will bother you. I’ll sleep on the couch.” With that BamBam abruptly left Janae to sleep downstairs.
In the morning Janae awoke not recognising her surroundings. As she looked around the memories of the night before came back. She laughed as she remembered BamBam’s actions that night but shivered when she remembered how she cried in front of him. Janae was too busy running through the events of the night before to notice the bedroom door had opened. “BamBam! You’re going to be late-” the voice stopped mid sentence seeing Janae sitting in the middle of BamBam’s bed.
“JB!” Janae pulled the covers up, covering her fully clothed body.
Downstairs BamBam was being greeted by Mark and Jackson. “Why are you sleeping down here, BamBam?” Jackson wondered.
“Yeah, JB just went to wake you up…” Mark added
“WHAT! Why didn’t you tell me that first?!” BamBam ran upstairs leaving behind a confused Markson pair.
BamBam reached the hallway upstairs to see JB standing confused at his bedroom door.
“Hyung I can explain-” JB turn around to face BamBam, suddenly becoming furious. “When I was taking her home-” JB swung his fist at BamBam, who fell trying to dodge the blow.
“You call this taking her home?! Inviting her into your bedroom after we were all asleep, to- to do what!” JB’s shock had turned into anger, surprising BamBam who knew JB had a quick temper. Janae seeing and hearing the exchange darted over to BamBam, kneeling over him to see if he was okay.
“JB!” Janae’s scream shook JB from his anger, “He did take me home! But I-I couldn’t go home, so he took me here. I had nowhere else to go! He was just helping me! Please, please stop!”
“I’m sorry, I just assumed that-”
“Nothing happened” tears escaped Janae’s face “he just helped me…I couldn’t go home...” she looked up at JB. BamBam wrapped his arms around Janae, soothing her. JB looked between the two and he felt a pain in his heart. Unable to look at them any longer or handle the guilt he felt towards BamBam, he sighed and walked away, he needed to get out of the house.
"Hyung" BamBam stood up to follow JB.
"BamBam," Janae grabbed BamBam's arm, "Don't fight, please."
"I need to clear things up, don't worry."
Jackson, who had witnessed the whole affair, told Janae, "Let him go, they need to sort this out." BamBam nodded his appreciation and went after JB.
"JB, do you understand now? She can't stay in a place like that, it dangerous." BamBam had just finished explaining Janae's situation to JB. They were in front of the house, standing across from each other.
JB had his backpack over his shoulder and he shrugged it into a better position before responding. "I understand, she can stay in the empty room. I need to clear my head; I'm heading to school first. Make sure Janae is okay..." with that JB turned and started towards school.
"Hyung, don't get me wrong, I want Janae to be safe, but I didn't do this just out of concern." JB froze, knowing what his dongsaeng was about to say. "I like her, and I'm going to protect her. I'm not giving her to you." JB didn't understand why BamBam, stated that last part or why it bothered him.
"Do what you want." JB said roughly, his anger flared up again, more at his reaction to BamBam's declaration than anythin else, and continued to school.
Once Back inside, BamBam followed the voices into the kitchen, he was relieved when he saw Janae among the members.
"BamBam!" Janae perked up when she saw BamBam but she immediately deflated when she saw JB wasn't there as well, "Where is JB?" she continued to look behind BamBam hoping to see the older boy there.
"Don't worry, we didn't fight. He just left for school." BamBam tried to hide his disappointment when he realized Janae wasn't excited to see him.
"Oh, I see..." Janae didn't even try to hide her disappointment at this fact. Yoona seeing this, and the awkward tension that arose from the exchange, grabbed Janae and said "We need to get you ready for school! You can't go wearing the clothes you wore yesterday!" She nudged Junior who then scolded BamBam for not being ready for school yet, himself.
Yoona dragged Janae into her room, which she shared with Junior. "Let's get you ready to face today, okay?" She gave Janae a soft smile and started to unload her closet.
Chapter 4 is going to be split into two parts, one is the morning after chapter three and part two will be at school! Look forward to part two ^^
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