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searching for people who can draw😂😂
I have an amazing aomg tattoo related idea but I can't draw to save my life and wanted to know if someone could draw something for me? I would seriously love you forever if you did! but seriously the aomg crew mean the world to me especially jay who's been in my life for 6 years now and I feel it's only necessary to get a tattoo for myself but to also show my appreciation
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I love drawing! No to be cocky or anything but I'm pretty good if I perfect it enough. By perfect I mean erase any bad parts a million times until I get the line perfect
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if its letters I'm you gal
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I'm pretty good
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I'm not amazingly good, but I'm great at rough sketches. idk what type of tattoo shop you're going to but sometimes they'll draw the thing you want for them, or if you do a rough sketch they can clean it up (better than I can anyways)
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@Journ505 the shop I go to can I just want to be able to show them an idea before hand and have them go from there since I suck at explaining things
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