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In another card, I shared with you the dazzling diamond ring by Graff that sold at auction for just over $8,000,000, which you can see here!
Many of you were aghast at the price of such a jewel. One Vingler even commented about not liking diamonds, preferring amethyst (or something other than a diamond).
So, for this Pop Quiz, I wanted to scare you all a bit. I've paired two gemstones side by side:
One is a diamond, the other aquamarine.
Both look nearly identical in color with very similar oval cuts.
However, one retails for about $1,000. The other, an astonishing $31,800,000.

This is a 2-part Pop Quiz.

1. Can you tell me which is the diamond and which is the aquamarine?
2. Also, since aquamarine is far more scarce than diamonds (believe it or not), can you tell me which price belongs to which?
Here are pictures of the gems.


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@marshalledgar cool!! Got at least one right from your questions. 馃帀
馃槀 @myaffairwith awesome
I have no idea, but just as a guess, 1-diamond, 2-aquamarine. aquamarine is more expensive? diamonds usually don't have that second cut (doesn't catch as much light) and you did give a big hint in the card about the price. though this is still just a guess...