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Pack your bags sweethearts! We're going to Geneva!
Hope you played (and won) the Powerball Lottery recently because the estimated fetch for The Oppenheimer Blue diamond is expected to be between $38 -$45 million USD. It's going on auction at Christie's as part of the Magnificent Jewels Collection on May 18th.
I sooooooooo wish I could be there for this!
Once owned by Sir Phillip Oppenheimer--whose family controlled DeBeers for some 80 years before selling 40% to Anglo American PLC for over a half trillion dollars (USD), the 14.62-carat “Oppenheimer Blue” is, according to Christie's, "the largest and finest fancy vivid blue diamond ever offered at an auction."
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dear God almighty. I'd be terrified to own that, but I'd love the chance to see it in person
immaculate ! :)
That's a beautiful kind of terror @petname83!!!!!!!!!!!!! hhahahahaa It's astonishing just how much money people pay for these things @TurtleyTurtles
Did your heart melt too @Heartofgold35?
I did too Marshalledgar