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"Boss and Me" also known as "Shan Shan Comes To Eat" is based off Gu Man's very popular internet novel, the story tells of a kind hearted young girl named Xue Shan Shan (Zhao Li Ying) who works at a big conglomerate. However one of her weaknesses is eating, she loves to eat, and so upon discovering this her boss, Feng Teng (Zhang Han) decides to intentionally fatten her up; she just so happens to share the same blood type as his sister, and thus has the motive of making her the blood donor. Hence comedy ensues as she melts his heart with her exceptional appetite and her cute charm.

EPISODES: 34 (2014)


Feng Teng (Zhang Han)
He had to be my favorite character because I fell instantly in love with him the first time I saw his bright and adorable smile. He may be a little jealous and protective towards Shan Shan but that's what makes him cute and caring. He is charming, sweet, funny, handsome and tall. He reminds me a lot of the Korean actor "Choi Jin-Hyuk". He is my type for sure! I love how I got to discover some of his funny weaknesses that he hides. Such as he is afraid of bugs and runs away or jumps up on high places like a chair to get away from them and he is also colorblind which no one else knew until Shan Shan finds out when she asks him about colors of rings and which is better. He responds, "next time don't ask my opinion about things like this because I'm colorblind..." She starts laughing and I had the same reaction as she did, I kept laughing.


There are two main side couples. A married couple: Feng Teng's sister and husband who have a baby. And Feng Teng's best friend and high school or childhood friend (I don't remember) who have always been close. I love the married couple, they are super adorable. The 2nd couple is funny because the female liked Feng Teng ever since they knew each other but Feng Teng stated that he only saw her as a sister, nothing more. But Feng Teng's best friend Yan Qing has always loved her and she eventually falls for him and they become a couple, they argue a lot but that's okay, that's how they are...


Feng Teng and Shan Shan
Yes, they are certainly the power couple. There are no words to describe how perfect these two are for each other. The chemistry was so amazing between them, I felt as if they were so real. They were comfortable with one another and were so adorable. I loved how adorable they look standing next to each other, short girl and tall guy. They are the perfect combo!!!
There is always that one episode in a romance drama that gets you crying for about 2-3 episodes straight because of heartbreak from either the female lead or the male lead. And this drama is no different. I felt tears roll down my face the second I saw what Shan Shan saw and it did not make me happy but heartbroken. She looked like a sad puppy who just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. But that's okay because they get better and become cuter. Shan Shan also catches on to Feng Teng's tricks and his weaknesses, she becomes a lot smarter and gains the most character development.


I don't know if I would say it's interesting but it is a little intimidating. I like that the male lead falls for Shan Shan the first time he sees her eating on the rooftop because that's a first that a guy fell for a girl after watching her eat...
They had a connection with the "Panda Blood", that built the plot line somehow. They were quirky characters like Shan Shan's best friend. There could've been more plot but it was still really good. There were so many cute and heart wrenching scenes. Also some scenes made me want to scream "YES!" A bad thing about Shan Shan liking to eat a lot, it makes me as a viewer very hungry and want to eat during the whole show. ("PREWARNING")


Ou Ran (Accidental) by Dish Band
I had trouble figuring out what this song was called, but then I finally found it and downloaded it right away, it is currently my ringtone to wake up in the morning for school. I love rock and loud music. This song always played whenever it was a happy scene that made me want to scream but couldn't because I have whinny neighbors. So, I held it in and squealed quietly.


I absolutely loved this drama from the beginning, I wanted to watch this drama a while ago but couldn't find it anywhere but then found a website to watch it on and I knew I would love it and I did. It's an underrated drama, I haven't really heard about it before and it's a more recent drama. I saw it searching on the web one day, trying to look for Taiwanese dramas and this came up and I liked the plot. Plus the guy is really cute!
The characters are great, just like most Taiwanese dramas. I didn't really hate any characters specifically but some may have annoyed me, but that was it. Shan Shan developed the most in intelligence and in confidence. It has a good soundtrack, not amazing. Good plot and humor. It was super adorable and I couldn't get enough of it, I wanted more. It had a happy ending which is expected and I had happy tears in the last scene because my favorite OST was playing and Feng Teng proposed to her and it was really cute. I loved this drama too much to explain how happy I was when I finished this drama, I couldn't stop smiling after I finished it.


8.5/10 - I loved it a lot but in my heart I can't give it higher than an 8.5. I wanted a little more plot, but the drama left me sobbing yet sometimes smiling at the cuteness overload. I highly recommend!!! I know it's underrated, but trust me you won't regret watching this adorable drama.

Have you watched "Boss and Me", and did you like it?

@biancadanica98 dots is going to mess with your feels. I am debating about writing a card about dots....but is innocent man good
haven't watched but now I know what I'm watching this weekend
@VeronicaArtino I'm on episode 7 right now of Innocent Man and I like it so far but it angers me a little. I thought I should watch one of Song Joong Ki's other dramas before watching his newest one. I wanted to see his vibe. I will make review cards for both of these dramas when I finish them.
@VeronicaArtino I'm watching Innocent Man, then I'm going to start Descendants of the sun