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So what better way to start WW than with some of my favorite harem shows. This card could be ridiculously long so I will try to leave out previous WW cards to make this a card instead of a book. So in no particular order here they are...
Rory Mercury - GATE Yoruichi Shinon - Bleach Mio - Walkure Romanze Bertille Althausser - Walkure Romanze Leone - Akame ga Kill Mine - Akame ga Kill Melona - Queens Blade Risty - Queens Blade Rias Gremory - Highschool DxD Miia - Monster Musume
Ayame Kojou - Shimoneta Lum - Urusai Yatsura Eclipse Virgo - Fairy Tail Gasai Yuno - Mirai Nikki Miliana - Fairy Tail Ezra Scarlett - Fairy Tail NeLiel tu Odelschwanck - Bleach
And the best has been saved for last.... Megurine Luka
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