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So for today's challenge, Why vingle anime? What is your vingle anime story?, this card is about how I came to find the vingle anime family! :D
One day I was on Facebook and I saw an advertisement for the kpop vingle community because they were doing a bigbang concert ticket giveaway and so I downloaded the app and it makes you follow communities and I found the anime community! I was mostly an active member in the kpop community, kinda in the hairstyles community, and the general ones like the book club and the most from the anime side I would see is the learn Japanese cards and whatever anime stuff was on my feed. I wasn't super into the anime community but I saw the campfire challenge and decided to give it a try lol. It wasn't a super long or exciting story but it's my story. I hope to become a more active part of the community and be friends with you guys! @InVinsybll
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I have a similar story. I was on Facebook and saw an ad for Vingle