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OK guys . I know the kpop random is usually hype and turnt, but let's take a moment to remember April 16th. I wasn't sure what happened on that day but I when I saw BTS tweet about it I looked it up.
Apparently it was the Sewol Ferry Disaster. I didn't read up on it but I saw a few pictures and diagrams and figured it out. It actually touched me ALOT. At first when I saw it I was like oh just some Korean Titanic shiz, but then the more I looked into it, I was starting to actually cry. It actually began to touch me a lot. Over 300 people died and most of them were STUDENTS.
A few diagrams to help you understand.
These are the top pictures that really touched me. So guys..
Let's take a moment to remember April 16 2014. #Remeber4016 #ThankYouRescueSquads #YoullAlwaysBeRemebered #SurvivorsOfSewol #Grateful #April16014 #Hwaiting #Power #Strength #Faith #Hope #사랑해 Clip, tag, and share this to spread the love and the gratitude to the rescuers and the survivors OR To just inform people. 사랑해
omg RIP To those that died