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I first started Vingle when I saw an ad for it on Facebook and thought I'd try it. Instantly I fell in love with it I felt (and still do feel) so comfortable and part of the anime community. I love logging on everyday and laughing at funny posts having the occasional conversation (or debate) in the comment section, posting some cards. I'm so glad I found Vingle and its awesome Nakama. Tagging some of my favorite Nakama: @Nathanielmoanan @luffynewman @blackoutzj @hikaymm @sontyler @invinsybll @ashchrimson @gabbycalzada @roronoaluffy
This is awesome NAKAMA!! Def how I feel about vingle and anime and manga!! It's become a part of my life, heck it is life!! Haha thanks for the tag too NAKAMA!!
wow, you're welcome. I'm glad my cards make you laugh. vingle is pretty cool. I haven't met any of those judgemental fans. everyone seems to have fun.
I feel like a lot of us found Vingle through Facebook
@RoronoaLuffy watching anime? Over 20 years for me. First one I saw was gundam and dragon mid 1990's all and even before was my neighbor totoro , prob first anime film seen around 1993/1994 when I was around 5 I started my anime and quickly it became my passion /addiction and it became my life. Watching and drawing all the time then eventually got into the manga scene!!
how long has everyone been watching? I'm 22 now going to 23 in August. the farthest I traced back to was when I was about 5 or 6.