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Hey my monbebes, I have a game that I thought that would be interesting to do. Its a lover game and I'm so excited for it. Let Me Explain A Few Rules:
-You can only make one choice( no "I pick 1 and 2")
-NO CHEATING!! If you are behind on the game pls don't look at the results card and then vote. It takes the fun out of it
-You have to comment your choice if you want to be tagged in the next card. I can't figure out who you are if you just like it :)
Have fun with the game and if you want make a card about your results.
First challenge is starts now:

CHOOSE A Door That Will Reveal Your Monsta X Lover

Door #1

Door #2

Door #3

Door #4

Door #5

Door #6

Door #7

Pick Carefully. You Only Have One Choice!!! Results will be posted at least 2 days after a card is uploaded. Which one of these derps will you get? lol Good Luck!!
Monster Monbebes Squad: @MonAnnahiX @Zxenna
@MonAnnahiX lol Just work your way up to Day 3
Okay I'm ready to start this... Door 7 for me please! ^^
door 2
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