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So I have recently really gotten into infinite, more so than I had been before. And one of the guys from infinite, has recently wrecked my bias list. So, I have lots of pictures of him now, and I decided to make a really cute one my lock screen. But, I keep forgetting that he is on my lock screen, and so whenever I turn on my phone, I'm like, "oh! So cute!" Would you like to see the picture? Yes, of course you would.
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@ScarletMermaid I'd love to watch them, I'm interested in the group dynamics and really getting to know them.
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@ScarletMermaid infinite showtime was my jam!! when they made Sunggyu wash the dishes in the cold😂😂
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@DianaBell you should. They're really funny. Another thing would be the check out their appearances on weekly idol. classic!
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@minimanim3 that was so funny! I was dying of laughter the whole thing. And how Woohyun bragged about how great he could cook but his dish was the worst lol
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@ScarletMermaid i know i felt so bad for him😂😂
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