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Hola my lovely Carats!! Before I continue, make sure to check out @ChelseaJay amazing flight trip taking off today, all day Friday to the Hip Hop Unit quarters. (link) Let's show our little main squeeze from the performance unit some love yeah.
Aniyo, no need to be nervous. We will love and appreciate you in all the good & not so good times. Let's have a look shall we...
Now let's not confuse him with SJ's Heechul nor Ex-member Tao from EXO because he's his own person. Just look at that smile & eyes.. *drools* They are a perfect shape.
Junhui and his headbands...awww my weakness Which head piece is your favorite on him?
His hearts are just too how? -Just imagine them as hearts lol


Isn't aegyo just pretty do you do it Junhui? And of course being judgy of my poor
Pero like let's just admire him si.. It's like he low key trying to seduce you. -Hajima, you can't only on Wednesdays ♡.♡
Credit to the owners for the cutesy fanart of this precious kid. Aren't they just adorable?
[inserts more pictures here] Omg I ran out of room lol. Well my lovely Carats, I hope to see you give our cutie from the performance unit some love. Make sure to tag me in those cards. Don't forget to check in on Wednesdays with @MrsJungHoseok for her Werk it Wednesday ft the Performance Unit and learn more about them there. Tagging my lovely Carats: @MorganElisabeth @ChelseaJay @MrsJungHoseok And my proud list of Carat taggies: @minimanim3 @ChelseaGarcia Let me know if you want to be tagged (I need more taggies lol) Diamond Besos!
I have always loved his long hair but MAN when he styled it up and had it fringed I just X_X SOLD. Also he could be Minhyun's brother. THEY LOOK SO ALIKE.
cutting his hair was the best thing he's ever done tbh