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Possible spoilers❗️❗️❗️❗️ So the ongoing Itachi fillers I truly think are needed not only to explain the village but really put into perspective what a ninja truly is- ONE WHO ENDURES!! Anime is life!! Naruto forever!!
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I understood why everyone hated the Tsunade fillers but the Itachi fillers are different. They're not retelling to whole story line of Naruto. They're original and fill in the gaps we already know
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@Hatake26 yes exactly and it's a big part of also explaining how itachis life was as well as even hints into the future sasuke as well and also to how shinobi are ones who endure for the sake of their loved ones and their village!! Glad someone else sees these as not normal fillers they're more like prologues if anything into how a lot of the village came to be!! Awesome NAKAMA!!
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