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In 2016, McDonalds has added a lot of new options to their menu. Today, they decided to take one away.
According to reports, McDonalds is getting rid of wraps.
According to reports, people didn't like wraps for a wide array of reasons.
For starters, they took too long to cook. They also veered towards a healthier, more portioned controlled item, which is not what they are known for. Last, but not least, people complained about the pricepoint.
As a result, McDonald's axed the wraps.

What do you think: Did McDonalds make the right move by getting rid of wraps?

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I didn't like the wraps. and they were pricey. it's smart of them to move on.
2 years ago·Reply
I stopped eating McDonald's a long time ago but when I did eat there I always got the wraps. Fast food burgers make me sick so wraps are a good alternative for people like me
2 years ago·Reply
I haven't tried them before, but they seemed kind of too easy lol
2 years ago·Reply
They never looked super appealing to me
2 years ago·Reply
When I used to eat meat I loved these things, because some how I convinced myself that they were healthy! lol
2 years ago·Reply