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OMG I seriously loved this drama, it was amazing Please check it out. It's a great story I didn't want it to end. You know those really good dramas that leave you wanting more this is one of them, you wont be disappointed .
Omg I know me too
I'm watching that now. Almost done with it actually. My favorite part so far has got to be episode 12 when the two men (not gonna say names, just in case people haven't seen it yet) dance along to Me Gustas Tu! Seriously, tears formed in my eyes just because of how hard to laughed
Overall I really liked this drama but I do have mixed feelings about the ending. I knew that it would end in a similar fashion but I still hopes that the writers could've pulled some nonsensical only happens in dramas thing and ended it differently.
I have two more episodes to watch and I have really enjoyed it,another good one that I have been watching is Marriage Contract
I'm about halfway through this one and I love it!