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Pepsi’s Hipster Cola Has Officially Hit Shelves
Pepsi is back with a new product!
The new soda is called 1893.
The “artisanal cola” is an effort to reach out to craft and small-batch-loving drinkers. People who go to places staffed by “mixologists.” Not a knock against any of those people, but it's pretty clear the target demographic due to the first commercial for the product.
The ad shows a “soda sommelier” surrounded by barrels as he walks a group of drinkers through the proper way to enjoy the drink.
The reviews at the moment for the mixed, but it seems like this product may have legs to it.

Would you give the 1803 Pepsi a shot? Would you pay a little extra for a unique blend?

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yeah ofc! I'm always gamed for caffeinated drink! But as usual, they never release anything new first in Australia.. :(
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This is ridiculous hahahahha Hipster cola, I love how you worded that
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