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A perfectly unapologetic song I can't relate to but love anyway.

Her name is Anna Clendening and she was the best discovery I made on the internet tonight. She's a singer-songwriter painting a narrative of being young and trying to find her way. Clendening is so willing to apologize but not cower away from fighting for who she is. It's so refreshing as the society we live in constantly tries to slap on a label and shove you in a box.
In her newest release, the 22-year-old is singing a song of forgiveness and realization called, "To My Parents". It tackles her personal story of being a college dropout being disappointing to her parents while she was trying to find herself. For me, I can't relate at all. I've had an experience quite the opposite, however, I see Clendening in so many friends of mine and that's why I love this. It's authentic and it's really wonderful to see this perspective. To see someone else's struggles helps you appreciate your fortunes but also allows you to be more compassionate. Clendening is not a loser, she was just trying to find her way and that's AWESOME.
The Chapel Hill, North Carolina native is someone to admire because she's not afraid to share her story. Her YouTube channel has over 315,000 subscribers. On Vine, she has 1.26 BILLION, yes you read that correctly, BILLION loops. This isn't just your average singer songwriter. Though I usually have a song addiction of the week, I couldn't wait to post this. It's too beautiful. So real. So compassionate. So needed.
Please take a moment and check out her song.
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That song have me goosebumps. I love it!