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Hey everyone! Your new old pal @SAMURXAI here, bringing you another one of my usually long winded, swear-word filled, multi-tiered Nakama Campfire challenge cards lol! I've had a lot of fun doing this guys, I think we all have. We have all put a lot of time, effort, work, research, thought, blood, swear, and even tears into these. I think it's so cool. Do for the day 8 prompt, we were asked to highlight our favorite anime franchises, and a franchise was defined as a series that has over 200 episodes or a long hiatus, or different series names and so on. I have said it before but I'll repeat myself here, I haven't been watching anime for very long, a couple years tops total and I've only been obsessively watching for the last few months. I've been trying to watch all I can but there's only so much time in a day and there are sooooooooooo many anime out there I'm just overwhelmed trying to catch up. Something I've learned about all yall is that you'd kick my ass in anime trivia competitions and completion lists lol. I'm also a bit OCD so if I start one I generally try to finish it unless it just sucks that hard which us usually pretty rare. Or, if it's has a bazillion episodes like, you guessed it, franchises. So I actually haven't finished any major franchises in their entirety and I've only completed maybe one or two series that count as a franchise. That being probably Dragon Ball Z, and that was when i was younger before i got into it, and the OG pokemon, again years ago and I don't even know what they've done to that franchise at all. So I'm not quite on the level of a lot of you, and I don't feel like I have enough experience really too adequately select one but I'll do my best!
So, what I'm gonna do is just select one anime that counts as a franchise that is just one of my all time favorites. Then just talk a little about it. I dont need to tell yall about it. I haven't finished it though, and this certainly in no way makes it better than any others, or mean I'm not gonna find one that might replace it, or change my mind at some point. (I say that because I'm at about ep. 137 and I'm kinda not enjoying this arc) but I digress and due to the amazingness that is the other episodes. My current favorite series that counts as a franchise is none other than: FAIRY TAIL!
This show is just the bees knees. It's funny, the characters are all dynamic and super amazing, the story is incredible and fantastic, the animation is exciting and entertaining, the writing is well done, it's made me cry in such sweet tender expressions more than pretty much any show ever, and it's pretty minimal on all the things that I hate. I could go on, there are so many good things. and some bad things but I don't wanna talk about the bad things. Yall know all about this show, but there ya go and some pretty neat images to boot!
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@SAMURXAI ya! *fist bump*
@JessicaFerrier yay! fairy tail buddies lol
I chose this for my favorite anime franchise also. I agree, Fairy Tail is the bees knees