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Oh my gosh!!! This is so pretty and its a cover by the smol members of Monsta X!!! I wanted to show you the screenshot I took!!! And there is a lot!!!! Most are derpy....cuz Changkyun apprently can't have a nice shot without some derp.....but that's why I love him!!!!! OH!!! The original song is called.... '이대로도 예뻐 (you're pretty the way you are) by Tako & J Hyung Also I watched this two times (at the time of taking the pics have watched it several times) Letsw begin Gummyz!!!
Look at how cute the smol couple look!!
I never noticed the faces of IM but.....they are funny!!!
Kihyun!!! Eomma!!!!
Derpy Changkyun!!!
Kihyun....for some reason he doesn't make much derpy faces.....
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