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The last thing the Democratic party needs is an issue that sways people away from voting.
The Democratic Party and the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will sue the state of Arizona over voter access to the polls after the state’s presidential primary last month left thousands of residents waiting as long as five hours to vote.
The lack of voting places was “particularly burdensome” on Maricopa County’s black, Hispanic and Native American communities, which had fewer polling locations than white communities and in some cases no places to vote at all, the lawsuit alleges.
This is a HUGE issue. The last thing we need is issues that cause voting members of the Democratic community a chance to vote. We had entirely too many issues in Florida during the Bush voting process. My heart would break if we suffer a similar fate again a decade later.
I'm happy the people running for office addressed this issue swiftly. Hopefully they address and fix this as soon as possible.
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They absolutely should be sued. They cut down the number of polling places (despite already not having enough), people who had voted Democrat in the past were suddenly unregistered. This was beyond incompetent- it was intentional sabotage.