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So, don't think we are some weirder aliens. It's a green tea and honey face mask. And I have successfully converted my family to them!! I have many more as well! Bad skin runs a little throughout my family so I always do face masks for oily skin and such. I also try to drink at least four bottles of water each day along with keeping a healthy diet full of fruits and veggies. Here are some more amusing pictures of my family and I trying some more masks. Check em out!
These were banana green tea and honey masks. Gotta say, pretty good! My dad wasn't too amused because this was his first mask... :P
These are a bit scary but it's a Korean face masks I got from a friend and it's tomato based! This has to be my favorite pre made mask but you gotta use it within a year or it turns VERY rotten!! And the second picture is what the container looks like! I just think it's so cute and fun to trick people with.
And this is just a pre made avocado peel off mask that you can get at Walmart for a dollar!! And that's it! I have tried yogurt, but that was WAY too oily for me. Would you do a face mask? Do you already do face masks? And if so, what have you tried? @danidee @alywoah @ercurrent @maddie27 @shannonl5 @nicolejb @TessStevens
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I love face masks! I probably do them every weekend when I get a chance. Sometimes I feel adventurous and mix my own mask. :) LOL and I'm trying not to laugh too hard but the banana peel face mask is just too silly. I'm a little intrigued to test it out though. What exactly does banana peel do?