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I do realize this is not something everyone is into. The punk style is a choice that you can choose to like or not, so I completely get it if you don't really like things like this. That being said, what's your opinion on punk edits? (Yes, I do realize these are only of Vixx. This device can only add things from my personal library so I apologize. I'm obsessive! XD)
I personally just tried my first attempt at this. I'm not the best editor and I'm still new at this so it's not the best, but I think it turned out pretty good. Should I try and make some more?
so hot it fits leo perfectly
@MadAndrea Thank you! :) Actually I did not use an app. I used an online website called pixlr.com/editor It's basically like an online version of photo shop
@KAddict oh okay thanks ^_^
did you use an app? Because these look good ^_^
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