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[Reminder or for newbie readers: HP=Hot Prick Kyungil nickname SCM= Super Cute Maknae nickname for Yi-jeong]
By the time you all arrive the club is really hopping. It’s a different club than the one Jak and Jiyong took you to, that gives you hope that you won’t be running into anyone. Geon Tae has totally taken you under his wing, even telling you to call him ‘Moonie’ like his friends. He has six guys with him; six really hot, super funny guys. He recognizes Jak immediately,
“Sweety!” He gives her a big squeeze. You’re shocked she accepts it but she squeezes him right back.
“Moonie, I’ve missed you! You don’t do any of my shoots anymore,” she pouts at him.
“Uh, I know darling. But no one has called me, I’m rather hurt.” He pouts right back at her, they both start laughing and you just shake your head.
He points at you,
“This baby girl is your roommate?”
Jak grins,
“This baby girl is my bestie in all the world, been together since we were 5!”
“Oh! I didn’t even put it together! Silly me, and she said her roommate’s man left today. GD flew out to Hong Kong today didn’t he?”
She nods and grins evilly,
“But we are here to have fun! Let’s go inside, I’ll take all the selfies and make him sad for not getting to be here.”
You’ve never had so much fun. Moonie’s friends are hilarious and totally into non-threatening skinship. Any guy that even looked in you or Jak’s direction immediately had one step in front of you and another start dancing wickedly with you. Within the first hour your cheeks hurt from smiling and your sides from laughing more than dancing.
Jak was true to her word; selfie’s with Moonie, with you, with Moonie’s boys draped all over her. She even takes one of Moonie kissing her and titled it, “We miss you!”.
“Uh Jak?”
She just laughs,
“Moonie and Ji have known each other forever. I did some digging when you asked me out tonight and found out he was the designer. I knew Ji would feel better with us having Moonie and his guard dogs around.”
Drinks started arriving from those not intimidated by the guard dogs; more for Jak than you. That hair of hers, never fails to amaze you how many people are mesmerized by it. She takes the drink, tells the waiter thank you and then proceeds to hand it to one the guys. After the fifth drink gets tossed into a plant, she leans over;
“Don’t worry, all the plants are fake.”
You left your phone at home. You figure you are with Jak; no one else should be trying to get a hold of you. Moonie and his boys see the two of you directly to your apartment door.
“Goodnight, my lovelies!”
He gives you and Jak a hug before adding,
“Give Ji my love, tell him I’m offended I haven’t seen him lately!”
Jak kisses his cheek and the two of you head in for the night. As she falls onto the couch she starts sending off her pictures to Jiyong.
“My feet are killing me!” she groans as she tosses her shoes across the room,
“So glad tomorrow is the weekend, I'm not moving from my bed!”
Her phone rings one minute later,
“Got him” she smirks; “Heeeeeyyy”.
You just laugh, heading into the bathroom to give her some privacy. You decide a bath to soak away your own aching feet would be heaven. When you emerge half hour later, she’s still on the phone and just waves at you as you pass.
You check your phone before you sleep, just in case your parents might have needed you. Two missed calls, twelve texts… wow, really? You really hope it isn’t your parents, now you’re worried. You open your screen; one missed call from SCM and one from HP. You click them both away, whatever, no one left a message. You start looking at your texts three from SCM, the remaining nine from HP. You’re tempted to do the same thing and just press delete but your curiosity gets the best of you. You decide to save the worst for last and open SCM’s first.
SCM: Any plans tonight? I have a free night, thought you might want to hang and meet more people?
SCM: Okay, since I didn’t do anything I’m just going to assume your phone’s dead. Ha ha next time.
SCM: Uh, have you spoken to Kyungil? He got a text, then started texting and grumbling. I think I heard your name? I really hope not, he threw his phone across the room and went storming out. Text me that you’re okay please.
What the heck? You haven’t spoken to Kyungil since you told him to get lost. You have no idea why he’d be pissed. You shoot Yi Jeong back a quick text:
YOU: Hey, just got in. Sorry was out with friends and left my phone. I try not to speak to Kyungil so not sure why he’d be mad or you think it would be at me. Definitely next time with your friends, that would be great.
Alright, guess you’d better see what’s crawled up HP’s ass now.
HP: Tell me how to get rid of you.
Half an hour later;
HP: Why are you haunting me?
Another half hour:
HP: What are you and Jak up to?
You shake your head, what the heck is it with guy? He has a serious case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde going on. Six more, is he drunk texting you or something?
You sit up, what the heck? Just as you go to click on the next one Jak yells,
“SHIT!” and scrambles up from the couch.
Please update soon I don't think I can wait for the next chapter. This story has got me.
Hmmmm....the "who the hell is that" text huh?! Guess someone shared a pic from the nights festivities! Guessing maybe Ji shared Jaks pics?! lol
OMO, my hot mess is falling apart. Did he see me out with the guys?
so much for my fun and bring popular/ in demand