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Our hearts were broken at one point. Whoever did it took our trust and faith and completely shattered it. You've felt it. I've felt it. And I'm not very proud to admit, but there was a time when I hated her for doing it. I wanted the worst for her. At one point, I wished for her to never experience love ever again.
I was so hurt. I thought it would be unfair for me so stay this way and for her to be ok. She never showed me her whole self, so I don't really know how much I meant to her, but from the little that she would say, I was barely scraping by in her top 5. So when she finally let me go, there was nothing for me to go back to.
But now, looking back, I've realized just how childish and immature I was taking the whole situation. I don't care if I'm just fooling myself, but I know I mattered at some point. Just because she broke my heart, doesn't mean she deserves to get hers broken too. Life isn't fair, and to be honest, if we all would get punished for every bad thing we would do, the punishments wouldn't stop. Today, I still root for her. We were both young and fresh. We didn't know how to do it right, so it was bound to go wrong. But thanks to her, I have better insight on myself and everything around me. So it doesn't matter if she falls in love with someone that isn't me. I bet that if we had met later on in life, it would have worked out. But, life is life.
If we are truly in love we would wish for the other person's happiness. If letting go means a breath of fresh air for them...why not let it be? It'll probably be better to not hold any grudge that will take away our happiness in return. And yes, timing does sucks. If everything happens at the right moment and right time I wouldn't have failures...but truth is life is just a puzzle putting its pieces together.
Thats a really mature way of looking at it. I feel like when I think of bad breakups in my past my mentality is stuck in that age, so its hard for me to move on and think like an adult about it. I know that everything happens for a reason and that we all grow and change, but its so hard for me to wish the bad ones happiness :/
@cindystran Very well said