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Good news everyone: The NBA Playoffs are here!
To help everyone get ready for the post-season, I will be crafting playoff matchups previews to help everyone in their pick em' leagues.
Next matchup: The Raptors vs. The Pacers
Andre Drummond is one of the leagues best young frontcourt players.
He runs the floor great and is unstoppable in pick and roll situations. If he develops a post game he will be an complete force in 2 years. Reggie Jackson is also developing into a nice player. The supporting cast needs some work, but they have a couple nice young players in Caldwell Pope and Stanley Johnson. The future is bright in Detroit.
The Cavs are the favorites by many people to win a title this year.
The team re-signed all of their key pieces and everyone looks healthy heading into the playoffs. The Pistons will have trouble finding a frontcourt player to slow down Kevin Love. If they put Drummond on him, it may hurt his rebounding, which the team can't have.
Lebron will also be a headache for this team as well. They will probably opt to double and force role players to knock down shots. If the Cavs don't shoot well, this could be a huge issue. If they do this could be over quick.
I think the Pistons will fair better than people think. Reggie Jackson is am emerging young talent and Drummond is the leagues next best big man. This series will be a learning point for this young team, and a launching point for future success.
The Cavs are more seasoned, so they win in 6.

Who do you think will win this matchup? Cavs or Pistons?

Cavs 5-2
Kind of obvious...the Cavs