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Good news everyone: The NBA Playoffs are here!
To help everyone get ready for the post-season, I will be crafting playoff matchups previews to help everyone in their pick em' leagues.
Next matchup: The Warriors vs. The Rockets.
It's hard to believe the Rockets went to the Western Conference Finals last year with the effort they have put forth this year.
Their slow start got their coach Kevin Mchale fired. This team has been a headache and has struggled with finding their identity all year. James Harden has been dynamic on offense but has struggled on defense.
Focus and discipline will be the key in this one. Can the Rockets slow this game down? If so, they have a huge mismatch down low in Dwight Howard. It makes sense to work through him and play from there.
The Warriors have been unstoppable this year.
They broke the all time wins record in a season, posting a 73-9 record. Stephen Curry hit 400 threes in a season, 100 more than anyone ever. Klay has been amazing. Draymond Green continues to expand his skill set. The bench is deep and this team is battle tested.
The Rockets will not outrun this team. If they stand a chance, it will be feeding Dwight down low and slowing this game down.
I don't know if they will stay the course with that process over seven games. I really like the Rockets, but not against the Warriors.
GS in the sweep.

Who do you think will win this series: Warriors or Rockets?

Warriors- 6-1
Even the Rockets fans know they are going to lose this 100%