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I stumbled on this site looking for something else. Glad I found it. Unlike the fan pages on FB, here everyone gets along and has fun. I actually quit one FB group the day I found Vingle because I was warned for mentioning a "banned anime" , there were about 150 anime you couldn't talk about because they thought it made you a wannabe otaku. I thought it made them elitist wannabes who copy-pasted opinions on obscure anime to make them look good. After about 5 minutes browsing the cards here I knew I had found a place where people weren't judgmental & actually loved and watched the shows. I had found Nakama.
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WELCOME TO THE FAMILY MY NEW NAKAMA. Most of us have the same story so I'm sure I speak for most of us when I say we look forward to see what you bring to the fam
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I agree, that fb group sounds stupid and elitist. So glad we all found each other here!
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I've never checked out the FB groups but i somehow found Vingle and I was amazed that there were rly nice, non judgemental ppl here! and for the most part safe too which is impt, with me being a teenage girl and all ><
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Oh God no.... The titans are coming back....
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