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{NC} Day 13: Side Stories and Spin-offs

Well another difficult decision comes afoot. I automatically jumped to Itachi, but he's already got a side story going. I feel like this is a bit unorthodox because I've already advocated this character in a previous card, so please bare with me....
I would really like to see Zelman Clock from BBB have a spin off or a side story at the very least.
The thing about BBB is that it's short which doesn't give the anime enough time for the viewer to understand the character's, specifically Zelman's past. (Not sure if the light novel sheds more light, but that's neither here nor there; it seems everything on wiki is all they have)
As you can well imagine from the minimal information they gave, I've been fan-ficting (not sure thats a word) in my head about what his past was like
I mean he has 800 yrs of history under his belt; it'd be nice to known what he was doing all that time, and how it has led to the person he is today @InVinsybll
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