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{NC} Day 14: Why Vingle Anime? What is your vingle anime story?

The better question is why not Vingle Anime. :) I can't remember entirely where I found a reference to Vingle, but according to the account email, I signed up on 10/17/15. If I had to choose, I'd put my money on me seeing an advertisement for vingle in Facebook that mentioned anime. Lo and behold I created my account
In the past I've always looked at forums and different websites where's people would converse about anime and manga, but I never felt the urge to sign up for them. I thought it was too complicated. Vingle gives me a real sense of ease when creating cards and reading cards and liking cards. It's a really great system. In all honestly Vingle Anime is the first anime related community I've ever been a part of and I really love it. Sometimes it's just to hear others opinion on anime, other times it's so I can share my opinion.
I don't have too many friends that would understand Anime Deficiency Sydrnome (made that up, but could exist), connecting with characters and empathizing with their emotions will happen, or that having feelings for a character in an anime is awesome , so thank you Vingle Anime community for listening to me, thank you for letting me listen, and thank you for letting be a part of your community @InVinsybll
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