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As Promised Voting Begins Again...But no one commented what they wanted so I went back and I'm putting back the choices that are still left. :)

SHINee -Got7 -VIXX - BTOB- B.A.P - SS301

Oh I tried my best on this. I'm still trying :)
Yoongi X Reader
It was dark outside and you didn't want to be here. But you had to. Who else would help your best friend?
You had gone shopping for just a few minutes and your friend had called. She was wasted and she needed someone to walk her back home. And it was just your luck.
While helping her walk out, you notice shadows coming from behind and in front of you. They were getting closer. So you had to pace yourself faster.
But then again you couldn’t. Your friend was leaning on you. And that’s when it happen. Four guys cornering both of you against a wall.
“Hey Babe. Let’s play tonight.”
You were lost. You couldn’t just leave your friend and dash, and you couldn’t fight back either. If you did fight back you would end up losing your friend to one of the slime balls. So all that was left was your voice. And you began yelling for help.
But no one wanted to help. They just passed along as if nothing was happening.
But then he showed up. A hooded man came up along the side and took down each guy.
Should I run with (Y/FN) or should I stay? You couldn’t run. You were too terrified of what the hooded man could do to both of you. So you grimaced and watched everything go down.
Once all four men were passed out you decided to thank the stranger and leave. It was the best thing you can do to keep your friend and yourself safe.
“Ah. Thank you so much! I must get going now...the time is pre-”
“I need a place to hide.”
Wait wait what. Hide him? First perverted dudes and then a hooded fighter… No no this wasn’t going to work.
“Um. You see I can’t really bring anyone-”
“Didn’t I just save your life. Just help me out. One night and I’ll be gone.”
With that he looked directly into your eyes and you knew who the hooded man was.
Who wouldn’t know? And so you had to hide him.
“Sure. Please just help me with my friend. It’s a bit hard to carry her.”
That whole big mess was a blur, and it just had happened an hour ago. He was in your house and your friend was asleep.
You wanted to approach him but you didn’t know how.
I mean how would you approach Min Yoongi who had saved your butt by putting his career on the line.
So you being the awkward person slowly inched towards the couch that he was seated on. It was normal and he wouldn’t notice you were that close. You were only a few inches from bumping into his knees.
And that’s when you did it. You inched too much and brushed against him. And he looked up. His big eyes locking with yours.
With the moon shining against his silver hair it was hard not to look at him. He was a beautiful creature of the night.
But you had quickly stood up before your cheeks could turn red. So red that you looked like you needed air. You needed to change the atmosphere and fast.
“Would you like anything to eat or drink..?”
He wouldn’t reply. I mean who were you to talk to Yoongi. You were just another person. So you did the only thing to hide your sadness.
“Thank you,” you said and bowed leaving quickly to wash up to sleep.
Crap Crap Crap. You had screwed up big time. The more you thought about your embarrassing moment the longer you ended up staying in the bathroom.
It’s ok I’ll just crawl in bed with (Y/FN), and he can hide out here until his manager comes to get him.
Slowly creeping from the bathroom and tiptoeing to your friend’s room. You noticed that she was awake. Awake and talking with Yoongi.
So he wouldn’t talk with you, but he would talk with her. Oh well eavesdropping on them would do you no good. There was nothing you could do. So you tiptoed away to the living room and grabbed the blanket that lay on top of the couch and made yourself comfortable.
It was nice. This was life. This was warm. This was suffocating?
It felt as if two watermelons had been placed on your stomach. You had to be dreaming. But with the light streaming from the window it obviously became clear to you, it wasn’t a watermelon. It was Yoongi.
You began to tap at his arms for him to get off. Any minute more and you were going to break in half. When he finally understood he got off and stood up to look at you.
“I actually want something sweet. You have anything?”
“Wait what?”
Crap. You did it again. But who in the world wakes someone up by sitting on them?
“Uh. Yeah Yeah, we have something sweet.”
You got up and started walking towards the fridge and there he was following each step.
“Uh. I could get it for you. It’s no big deal,” you said facing him.
“I never said I wanted something from inside the fridge. I said I wanted something sweet.”
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Uhh Suga.. What chu talking bout sir?! "something Sweet" 😈😭😂😂😂
I was thinking about part 2 but i wasnt sure.. :) @patriciaS @bnrenchilada
Suga! you little~
I'll take Mr. Wang for $100 ❤️❤️
I vote b.a.p
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