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안녕하세요 everyone!!!

It's time for one of the biggest categories, Best Boy Group!!! Choosing the groups for nomination has been an incredibly painstaking process, but after many arguments we have managed to bring the list down to twelve final nominees!!!
First, here is the link so you can go back and vote on any categories you may have missed >>VOTING CATEGORIES<<


1. Shinhwa - Memory

2. BTS - Autumn Leaves

3. Infinite - Love Letter

4. VIXX - Maze

5. 24K - Oasis

6. EXO - What If...

7. BTOB - Yippie Yo Yippie Yay

8. Super Junior - Stars Appear

9. B.A.P - Blind

10. JJCC - Insomnia

11. B1A4 - 10 Years Later

12. Got7 - My Reaction

>>I'm sure some of you might be slightly confused at Big Bang's absence from the nominees, I assure you we are not crazy XD With what Big Bang accomplished in 2015 and over their whole career so far, plus taking into account their impending hiatus for mandatory military service, we felt that it would be appropriate to remove them from the categories and award them something much more special at the end of the awards!!!<<

Voting Rules

(This category is about the artists, not the if you would like to hear something from one of the nominated groups then you can listen to one of the songs we randomly picked by that artist, so you can check that out if you want to^^)

1. Vote who you think is the best boy group from 2015!

2. Write your votes in the comments section!

(It isn't necessary, but we would really appreciate if you told us why you voted for your vote)
Let's do this!!!!!!!!

1. Shinhwa

Song - Memory


This legendary group has been going for longer than any other boy group!!! O.O

2. BTS

Song - Autumn Leaves


BTS released two albums in 2015, both of which some of the members helped write and produce.

3. Infinite

Song - Love Letter


Infinite are renowned for their insanely in-sync dance abilities. Going so far as to measure the angles of their arms and legs in dances.


Song - Maze


VIXX member Ravi penned the lyrics to most of the songs on their 'Chained Up' album as well as having a hand in the production. VIXX also debuted a sub-unit in 2015 callled VIXX LR.

5. 24K

Song - Oasis


24K has gained a lot of popularity since their entertainment company let them write their own songs and choreograph their own dances!

6. EXO

Song - What If...


EXO had a lot of trials in 2015 losing 2 members from the group and various controversies here and there but are still standing, and still one of the most popular groups in K-pop globally.


Song - Yippie Yo Yippie Yay


BTOB have been around since 2012 and only just released their first full-length album 'Complete' in 2015.

8. Super Junior

Song - Stars Appear


In 2015 Super Junior celebrated their 10th anniversary as a group since debut!!!

9. B.A.P

Song - Blind


In 2015 after a lengthy hiatus, B.A.P finally settled differences with their company TS. Entertainment, and returned with their album 'Matrix'

10. JJCC

(Jackie Jackie Chan Chan XD)

Song - Insomnia


Formed by Jackie Chan this group added two new members to its line-up last year. Zica and Yul.

11. B1A4

Song - 10 Years Later


Every member of B1A4 is a country boy ya'll!!!

12. Got7

Song - My Reaction


Got7 is a multinational group with members from Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, and the United States.
Credit to the owners of the photos and videos used in this card, I DO NOT own them :D

Tell us who you are voting for in the comments below, don't forget to read the rules!!!

Happy Voting ^^

GOT7 for 2015 there were other songs.. that on the card My reaction. what year was it ?? Just curious cause 2015 there other more popular songs.. 1.If You Do 2. Raise Your Hand 3. Feels Good 4. Good 5. I Keep Looking 6. Tic Tic Tok track for 2015.
haha I know of course
@luna1171 while I admire the effort, it still only counts as one vote XD
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