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The Day 11 prompt was asking us to tell about anime that caught us off guard. This was a really cool prompt, because I think we've all had plenty of those times where we start an anime not knowing what to expect or expecting it to be something that it wasn't or what it turned into. I know I've been surprised more often then not when it comes to anime. Because even though there are so many that have all the shitty clichés, or have some bad dubs, or don't have the best animation, or so on there generally still seems to be redeeming factors in almost every single one. Even just the absolute worst anime you can think of probably has one thing about it that still makes it somewhat good. Well probably. I've heard nothing but awful things about Boku no Piku and not a single person has ever defended it so maybe that's the one exception lol. There are some I've seen that I wasn't sure I should mention at this time, that I did find redeeming things about but still had some pretty bad things too. Also, I wanted to highlight anime that I haven't highlighted in my other cards. So shows like Fairy Tail, High School DxD and such, which both really blew me away when I wasn't expecting it I didn't feature them here. Anyway, for this one I've selected four anime I haven't mentioned before that I've seen most if not all of, that had its shitty cliché moments that I didn't like but ultimately I got the feels and they weren't quite as far out there in the dark depths of weird lol. So these surprised me in a couple different ways, both in the positive, that they had really good things about them, but also in the negative that they took turns I wasn't really wanting too and were a bit off.
Alright first up, is Hidan no Aria, or Aria the Scarlet Ammo. Also by contrast the spin off series known as Hidan no Aria AA. This show surprised me quite a bit, it was one I watched as I started my obsessive anime binge I've been on for the past few months. The first episode really does an awesome job of wrapping you up in the action and has some really awesome cinematography and writing. Aria, the female protagonist drops in out of nowhere parachuting in to save the main guy Kenji. It was awesome he's riding a bike that has a bomb hooked up to it, and she saves him. There was really neat plot elements I dug, Kenji's Hyper Savant Syndrome that causes him to become super skilled and suave when he gets turned on. Which is weird, but they used this in an interesting way to establish characters, the bond between Aria and Kenji, to do the annoying tropes like trips and falls and slight ecchi, and to develop the story. There was also harem elements, but at the same time Kenji's Syndrome was super sensitive to Aria, and she kind of hated him at first but as they started working together and developing their relationship you could tell they had genuine affection for one another. So it had things I don't like, but overall I really liked it a lot. Aria is totally kawaii btw, and if there wasn't such a sweet connection that developed between her and Kenji, I'd love her to be with the King of Romance, she's ridiculously gorgeous and shes brilliant, skilled, and a total bad ass. I didn't enjoy the AA series so much, but I didn't finish it nor did I hate it. Kenji and Aria weren't the main characters and I didn't enjoy the new cast as much.
Next up is Gurren Lagann a.k.a Tengen Toppen Gurren Lagann. This show blew me away. It was the first one I started watching on my path of anime enlightenment and started me down it for sure. I wasn't sure what to expect, and just started it randomly. It was so awesome, super original plot, awesome characters, and it wasn't afraid to kill main characters off. Which is something I get a bit bothered with in other anime but man, I cried so much and I didn't think it was gonna be so moving. Another super interesting factor was that the characters all started out really young, but the story takes place over quite a few years and ends with everyone be a lot older, and it's all dystopia when it starts but humanity gets established and developed. So many things in this broke my heart and moved me so. It's amazing, the writing was really inspiring, and just a great show.
Next up is Listen to Me Girls, I'm Your Father, a.k.a. Papa no Iukoto O Kikinasai. This show is something else. It's a touching story of a young college student that takes in three girls who lost their folks. He's uncle to the littlest one Hina, who is his sisters baby, but unrelated to the two older girls Miu and Sora, who were the fathers kids from another mairage. The parents dissappear in a missing plane crash, and the four grew a really close bond while the parents were away. After the funeral the family wanted to split all the girls up and so the boy decides to keep them himself. There were some off elements, the leader of the club the MC is in is kind of a pedo, the main love interest had stupid big boobs, Sora has a crush on the MC, but I let all that go because there is so many touching moments that made me cry and it was just a really beautiful story. The little one, Hina, brings it all together. Oh god, when they are trying to tell her what happened to her folks, ugh feels so bad..I think this is a great show, despite its seedier cliché moments and absolutely worth watching.
Lastly but not least to finally wrap this one up(yeah so much for keeping it short lol) is Vampire Knight. Holy crap, this one is the most interesting on my list I think. I just started thinking oh, classic vampire high school whoop dee do hope it's got cool action. Oh, oh no not this show. It's really original in its vampire lore, the character are all really endearing and they all go through so really rough shit. There are some plot twists that I won't give away but that seriously blow your fucking mind. There's a love triangle, not a harem which I absolutely got wrapped up in and the connections between Kamine, Yuki, and Zero are intense. I mean, Yuki always loved Kamine but what her and Zero had, what he had to go through and what she was willing to do for him, and she cared for him in an interesting way that wasn't quite romantic but at the same time something they both had to deal with. Oh man and when Kamine said "what, you mean it's beastly? that's exactly what we are, beasts." just totally justified the weirdest part of it, which I think they used brilliantly and turned it super original and compelling. I loved it, just loved everything about it.
Alright yall I gotta wrap it up but I hope you enjoyed. I got some pretty good images for these too and spent wayyyyyy to long. Tagging yall nakama: @InVinsybll @hikaymm @tylor619cruz @BlackoutZJ @VoidX @ebethoven @AshChrimson @NinjaMouse @AdamDean @assasingod @Danse @AimeBolanos @NeckoNecko @CreeTheOtaku @Yatosgirl @tayhar18920 @kawaiiporpoise @pervysagex @Colonellinguis @JessicaFerrier @gabbycalzada @qveenknip