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Kagome x Sesshomaru
Classic Inuyasha x Kagome
Sesshomaru x Kagura
Sango x Miroku
*Bonus* Gender Swap
If you don't see your fave pairing comment below and I'll get to it. Any request for which world I should do next?
older rin x sesshomaru
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Ayame x koga
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Kagura X Sesshomaru, Kagome X Inuyasha, Sango X Miroku, Ayame X Koga, Rin X Kohaku (when they are both of age, of course), and I may be a little bit of a shipper of Kikyo X Naraku. I think I've covered all the bases...
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Fairy tail shipping! I shipped Kagura and Sesshomaru but.. I ship all of the actual couples in Inuyasha!
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