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The Day 12 prompt asked us to give examples of good anime that we would show people just starting out watching. @Colonellinguis did a really awesome job on his card, he seperated them into categories based on what the individual would be looking for or liked in their stories. I'd do something on those lines but I'm really tired I've been making these cards for what feels like two days straight lol. I wish I would have seen the challenge and started so much earlier so I could have made just the beat cards possible each day. Alas I didn't and I've been trying really hard to do a good job. This one though I think I'm gonna try and take it a little easy on I'm almost all caught up and I just want tomorrow to be for the last prompt and finally I can relax awhile. Unless @InVinsybll comes out the gate with another awesome challenge or engages us in some other crazy community thing lol. I'm sure he's tired to, it must be crazy time consuming keeping track of all of us and our 15 cards a piece. I know @hikaymm has been helping him out but still it can't be an easy task. Just making this many had been hard lol. I think I'll just mention a couple I think are good for beginners and give a couple pics and synopsises. Also I won't go searching for something original I know the ones that came to mine for this are ones I've already featured and others have featured as well but I hope you'll all forgive me lol. I'll try to feature just one image per show but I'll try to make it one i haven't used before.
First up, good ol Fairy Tail. Come on, need I say why. It's awesome and not heavy on the crap that would scare people off. I actually got my Mom into this show. Haven't had luck getting her into any others but hey, it's a start. She caught up to where I'm at pretty quick and we try to watch it together or at least if I watch one or she watches one then we let the other know and get caught up. It's neat.
Dragon Ball Z. That series, idk about all the others or the movies or all that but the good ol Dragon Ball Z. Fighting, cool characters, not to weird, goofy at the same time, I think it would be a good start off. Cool image fan art I found somewhere of Vegeta Bulma Trunks and whoever his girl is at a red carpet premier. Father and Son pulling of slick as hell intl those tuxes ;)
And some honorable mentions, One Piece, Sword Art Online, Naruto, Noragami, Cowboy Bebop, Pokemon, Full Metal Alchemist, Gurren Lagann and Death Note. All really awesome and gripping and good enough and not weird enough to run the noobs off lol