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Okay Day 13 prompt, what characters do we think should get a spin off or side series. I haven't really thought about this much, I feel like a lot of characters especially in the best of the best shows are all pretty well personified and justifies them. They are well rounded especially in the shows that have a large cast. A lot of the Fairy Tail members would be good MC's, One Piece characters, SAO characters, Owari no Seraph characters, they all could have good spin offs. Kurumi from Date A Live kinda did with that OVA that features her. Just random ones that come to mind. I reckon I'll just pick one though real quick.
I'll go with L, from Death Note. A series showing him back before all the stuff with Kira happened, when he was younger, how he rose to be the like 3 greatest detectives in the world all at once, where his quirks and habits came from and formulated, how he got to be where he was and communicate like he does, solving other cases and stuff. It'd be cool I'd watch it.
would be a very good story
I know this probably out of left field but for me I would love to see like the story of the darkness from to luv ru. Yami is one of my favorite characters from this anime and I think her story as an assassin and how it ties into the darkness and mei.
@pervysagex i haven't seen to Luv Ru. sounds love a good one, Def recommend?