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Starring EXO's Kim Jong In (Kai) and Park Eun Bin Air Date: N/A Despite having a name that means "bank," Kim Eun Haeng (Kim Jong In) is unlucky in workin fact, hes been unemployed for five years. But when he meets Ha Choco (Park Eun Bin), a fellow 20-something trying to start her own business, these two inexperienced college graduates put their heads together and get a crash course in the financial industry. Is this their big break? §DramaFever
Im pretty excited for this one :)
@GeishaHiromi All webseries dramas are like that. Like Xiumin did a webseries and it was cute and short. Then N just finished one a while ago, and it only had 7 episodes that were 15-20 mins long X3
Why in the heck was it sooo freaking short???!!! Lol
freaking kai!
@SarahVanDorn and I watched. Loved it but it was too short😿 Soooo cute though
I've already seen it, and it'd amazing