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Enter At Your Own Pleasure (n///n)


Jackson X reader special guest Jimin. and Suga and mark and
Hi okay back again with another request
this is for @jessicaacosta90 Enjoy
Credit To The Own Of Photo MySelf lol!

"why did you meet up with jackson suga?" Jimin said seriously. suga gulp and averted his eyes from Jimin who was glaring at him really hard.

"Suga, please be honest with me. why where you with jackson?" Jimin asked suga again.

"I didn't we just ran into each other..." Suga respond nervously.

Jimin walk closer to Suga and took a hold of his shirt yanking him towards him, their face just a inch away.

"don't play dumb with me Suga I heard you on the phone telling him to met you at the café" Jimin states as he released his grip on Suga shirt. suga rolled his eyes and crossed his arms in front of his chest.
"you annoy me jimin..." suga blurted.
"and your pathetic." jimin dissed
"your a fake and a two face bitch Suga. These is why people leave you, for always being a lying secretive fuck! that why you can't be happy with yourself" Jimin added.

suga slammed jimin against the wall behind him.
"me fake!" suga chuckles
"who the one who told jackson to leave the girl he in love with, who the one who told (Y/N) that jackson never went an visit her, who the one who throw away every letter he wrote her, every gift he sent her. what about every time he tried to see her who told him she happier without him in it!! Huh? your PATHETIC JIMIN!" Suga Hollered.

Jimin punched suga arosss the face knocking him to the ground. Suga touch his bleeding lip then chuckled a bit until his glare become dark and he kicks Jimin in the balls.

"you piece of shit!" Jimin cringed his teeth as he drop to his knees then onto his side . suga stood up and Kick jimin in the his gut causing himto lose his breathe.

"what do you think she'll says when she find out jimin huh? she'll never love you or trust you" Suga remarks.


"(Y/N)!" suga and Jimin both call out your name in surprised.

"you bastard!" You cried out

. Jimin stood up holding his stomach and limping a bit as he walks to you.

"(Y/N) what's wrong?" Jimin caresse your faces forgetting that he was ever mad at you.
"why... why did you make him leave me?!" you uttered in tears as you hit his chest gently but heavily.

"Why'd you tell him to leave me WAE!? Why?" You cried.
Jimin began to tear up as he felt guilt as he watched you sob.

"I wanted you to myself" Jimin respond.

"Selfish and greed! is all you did!" you shouted angrily hitting him harder.
"I MADE YOU HAPPY LIKE YOU SURE BE BUT ALL YOU SEE IS THE BAD THINGS!"Jimin exclaim. you pulled away and slap him.

"I never want to see you again!" You holler and ran off, jimin tried to chase but Jackson push Him back.

"this time I'm going to be there for her." Jackson said to jimin. Jimin watched Jackson ran off after you. his heart began to ache.

Jackson followed you quietly from behind as you walked home crying. You knew he was there but didn't care. You started sobbing harder as you started thinking of Jimin and how he lied to you and made jackson leave you. you never would have thought he would do such a thing. Jackson puts his jacket on you as he walked beside you sticking his hand in his pockets. you look up at him and he smiles at you, you held your smile back.
Jackson grab your hand and held, you didn't yank way instead you tangle your fingers together.

"(Y/N)..." jackson call your name sweetly.

you looked up and jackson plants a sweet kiss on your cherry red lips. you jump way by surprise as you started blushing. you swear you felt static when he kiss you. maybe it was sparks.... just like before.
Jackson pulls you into his arms and embrace you tightly.
"I miss you so much, I'm so sorry I hurt you, I'm sorry I left I'm sorry I broke you." jackson apologize as he gripped you tighter.
"I promise not to hurt you again." Jackson said. those words annoyed you. you pushed away from jackson and slapped him.

"NO! I'm sick and tired of lies and broken promise , I want to be left alone!" you yelled, Jackson stood shocked as he watched you walk away.

"i just want to be left alone" you sob as you wrap your arms around yourself. you begin to hear foot steps, you turn to look behind to see jackson begins running to you.

"I REALIZE I MESS UP (y/N)" Jackson shouted.
you ignored him and continue walking.
"forgive! and Marry me!" Jackson hollers.
you stop, you weren't sure if you heard right and turn around slowly.
Jackson ran up to you and pick you up.

"Your my Sunlight, the light to my darkness, you brighten my world." Jackson says romanticly as he looks into your eyes.

"you made my black and white world colorful again" jackson kiss you.

your heart started pounding hard as you kissed him back. it felt like time had stop again like the world stop moving. you felt safe and warm in Jackson arm, it was a place you miss so dear. you loved this moment this innocent and pure kiss that gave you Life again. it was so beautiful it made you want to cry. you never wanted to let this moment to end.

Jackson walked you to your home. He talk to you about all his new friend he made in the group since he debuted. he told about all the different type of food and drinks and places and city's. you found it cute at how excited he got.

"and then Bambam Trip and knocked mark down he was like if I go down your going down with me. it was so funny" Jackson said laughing.
"did they get hurt falling on stage like that?" you chuckled.
"nah their okay they broke each other fall* he smiled dorky at you.
"so we're here" Jackson said as you both stood by your front door.
"Um... okay then I'll be going." Jackson kisses your cheek then walks way.
you quickly open your door and slam it shut. you placed your hand on your chest. your heart pounding hard and fast almost as if you had just finish a race.
you jump onto your bed and squealed.

*Ding* you looked up and stared at your laptop. you saw you received an email. you jump out of bed and opened it.

dear (Y/N) I know what you mean, I felt that way before once... and Jimin? I know I haven't replied to you in a long time and I apologize... I hope we get to met one day and hang like before yours truly A childhood friend.

you gasped an quickly sat down
replying to the message.
that be awesome we should one day. -you

Okay I'll be in seoul in a week we should meet. -him

you cover you mouth and squealed happily and jump on to your bed tossing and turning happily.

"I can't believe he reply... my childhood crush.." you grin foolishly.

Meanwhile with Got7.

"yo mark what are you doing?" Jr hollar from across the room.

"just sending an email..." mark respond.

"hurry up we wanna go home" bambam whined.
"Come on, man let go" JB said.

"let me just reply..... to a old friend of mine real quick." mark said

Sorry there wasn't much in this chapter lol I didn't know what to put but worry next part will blow you away lol hope.


Thank you All for your support.
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