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Now I thought I would do a review today and I was sat there thinking, "News we get throughout the day, gaming is covered, anime is doing well ... but I still want to do a review." Now this brought me to a standstill, I couldn't decide what to review, then it hit me, "Why not review the anime that I got into and finished the whole series in just 2 days?!?!" Yes, Death Note, people call this anime mainstream but do you know what I say to those people? "It may be mainstream, but no one can deny that it is such a unique anime that drags you in." So I don't have a clue what format to review this in so let us do it like this, Story, Emotion, Themes and finally The Verdict! Head over to the website to continue reading.
@OfficialEMWE ahh cool thanks for the info :DD what is Bakuman about?
Hikaru no Go was illustrated by Obata, but was written by a different manga author. It was still a good manga nonetheless. The duo have also made Bakuman, which recently completed its final season of the anime series and the manga has also come to a conclusion. Definitely worth the watch/read, my personal all time favourite anime. @beeonka @PiuPiuPENGUIN
didn't they make also Hikaru no Go? I loved that one too <3 @beeonka @officialEMWE
@OfficialEMWE what else have they made?
Definitely, I love all the manga made by the Ohba and Obata duo. This one in particular was very good in terms of story and characters.
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